Recently, I was shocked and ultimately disheartened that former airline captain Chesley B. Sullenberger pandered for the progressive left. In a scathing op-ed for The Washington Post, Sullenberger blasted the Trump administration without once naming him.

Any doubt that the man and hero affectionately known as “Sully” was criticizing the President was quickly laid to rest. Sullenberger gave an interview with MSNBC – one of the bastions of the progressive left – clarifying his newfound position.

As he stated in the op-ed, Sullenberger recognized that he has a public platform that most do not. He engineered the “Miracle on the Hudson” when US Airways Flight 1549 had to make an emergency landing. Unlike so many airliner tragedies, Captain Sullenberger expertly landed his airplane into the Hudson River, saving all lives onboard.

Moreover, Sullenberger is a distinguished Air Force veteran. Unsurprisingly, he declared that he had voted Republican for the majority of his life. This time, however, he’s voting with an emphasis on being an American, and directly confronting what he views as dangerous and anachronistic policies.

On paper, the progressive left securing Sully’s voice is a major coup. Sullenberger is everything that the right represents: white, Republican, military, and hero. The Trump administration and its supporters don’t have an equivalent victory.


The Progressive Left has Become Desperate

While the race for the House may be lost for Republicans, recent developments give me pause. Yes, Sullenberger “defecting” is a tough blow. But it also may mean that the progressive left has become desperate.

Going along with typical trends, Hollywood Democrats have pushed aggressively for blue candidates. Still, the rhetoric has become excessively vitriolic, which is an insane observation given the already-spiteful environment. Additionally, big names like Taylor Swift – who obviously benefits from staying silent on politics – have batted for Democrats.

Now, Sullenberger, an admitted staunch proponent for conservative values, has aligned with the progressive left. Such tactics, though, are unnecessary if the Democrats already feel that victory is at hand. Moreover, they’re playing their best card with very little time left until the midterm elections.

To me, this signals that the Democrats don’t have the electorate under their control, and are therefore losing it. They might secure important victories tomorrow, but again, they played their best card. Going into the pivotal presidential election of 2020, Republicans can rearm.

One thing is for certain. This is going to be an interesting and tough battle.