As you read this, thousands of Central Americans via a migrant caravan are heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border. The majority hail from Honduras, a country wracked with drug-trafficking related violence. Desperate families claim that any fate is better than returning to their homeland.

Except for apparently rebuilding their country so that future generations don’t have to suffer. While the leftists claim that we Americans should sympathize with their plight, we’re also put into an impossible situation. We cannot just openly accept a migrant caravan full of unskilled illegal immigrants.

The reasons are simple. For starters, we cannot afford to take care of every humanitarian crisis. As President Trump explicitly stated, the migrant caravan must first seek political asylum. From there, the State Department and other federal agencies can properly vet the asylum-seekers to ascertain their legitimacy.

What cannot happen is a concentrated effort to flood the U.S. with illegal immigrants, forcing the government into a politically untenable response. We have immigration laws for a reason, and they’re not instituted for only the migrant’s sake.

The liberal outrage conveniently forgets that a migrant caravan jeopardizes American lives and secondarily, their wellbeing. Just read some recent news articles to realize that illegal immigration has its human costs.

The left loves to skew their stats to assert that illegal immigrants don’t commit more crime than native-born Americans. In reality, immigrants shouldn’t commit any crimes at all!

We invite you into our home, and this – this!? – is how you repay us?

Something is very wrong here. We need a reframing of this crisis, which is this:


The Migrant Caravan Has Declared War on the U.S.

That’s right – the migrant caravan is an illegal, attempted invasion of the U.S. As such, the federal government has every right to defend our borders.

Now, many on the left might claim that I’m being melodramatic. Rest assured, I am not. The migrant caravan is first and foremost an attempt to subvert our immigration laws. This is a point that cannot be denied. Legitimate refugees and asylum seekers must go through proper, legal channels. A migrant caravan represents the exact antithesis.

Furthermore, these illegal immigrants – if successful in their subversion – will categorically change the culture and demographic of our country. Since they entered into our country illegally, how then should we expect them to obey our laws once inside?

They will not honor our flag and our nation because they breached our borders subversively. From the very moment that illegal immigrants have stepped foot on American soil, they have done so with ill intent.

I’m sorry, but these are not the people I would trust as my neighbors and fellow Americans.

I speak as an immigrant. However, I went through a rigorous (and expensive) vetting process to receive my citizenship. I swore an oath to the U.S. America made an investment in me, and I live to honor that investment.

The migrant caravan? They’re criminals who are shirking their responsibility to protect their own communities. They instead bring dishonor to the U.S., and to all law-abiding citizens and immigrants who have done things the right way.