Three days, three acts of terrorism. While voters geared up for the final stretch of the midterm elections, seemingly random, isolated incidents shocked the nation. In less than a one-week period, we experienced a serial mail bomber, and two racially or ethnically-motivated murders. What impact, if any, will these days of terror have on our politics?

It’s important to note that I’m not suggesting the existence of a political conspiracy. From the available facts, individual crazies committed these horrific acts. Still, it’s not unreasonable to mention that these days of terror have obvious implications for the midterm elections.

For one thing, the left has consistently accused President Trump of inciting a hate-filled environment. Due to the recent days of terror, this false accusation unfortunately has more leverage. Trump has notably dialed down his rhetoric and has acted very appropriately towards the tragedies. Still, the opposing side may view this as too little, too late.

Another factor is motive. Those responsible for the days of terror are white, or white-ish. This fits the again unfortunate narrative that the U.S. is becoming a white-nationalist safe haven. With most people deliberately dumbing themselves down through the mainstream media, false characterizations could lever a huge impact towards the midterm elections.

So should voters expect a blue turnout in early November?


Days of Terror Reflect Leftist Fear, Not Confidence

While leftist politicians who are exploiting the days of terror might feel they have the midterm elections in the bag, their confidence is a false one. Their reaction is based on fear that once again, the “silent majority” will not be easily swayed.

Obviously, Democrats have gone full-bore to stymie the Trump administration at every turn. And when things look incredibly bad for Republicans, somehow, the right remain upright. This latest salvo of violence has probably not impacted the midterm elections as the left would think.

The obvious point is that President Trump has used his power to solidify a conservative Supreme Court. Moreover, he has created a movement. Based on the latest statistical reports, the worst that can happen is that Republicans lose the House. They will not lose the Senate, which means Trump and the conservatives still enjoy considerable influence.

And I’d be careful about calling the House race a done deal. Remember, every statistician called the 2016 presidential race in Hillary Clinton’s favor. No one outside of staunch Republican circles gave Trump a chance.

At this point, the left has no choice but to resort to every dirty tactic, including politicizing the recent days of terror. But we’ve already seen the liberals’ playbook time and again. The midterm elections will come down to the wire, causing both sides anxiety.