On the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, President Trump stated that he will reveal a major announcement. While he kept the details close to his chest, insider consensus called for a concession in immigration reform; specifically, the President is willing to trade border-wall funds for temporary “dreamer” protections.

Against the backdrop of a chilly Washington afternoon, Trump did exactly that. Taking critical funds for his signature border-wall agenda, Trump proposed diverting them to the Democrats’ pet project: immigration reform. Should the left accept the olive branch, the federal government will temporarily halt deportation for illegal aliens and their children.

What the President did was pure genius. Prior to the announcement, CNN showcased political talking heads, each complaining about Trump’s political motives. Primarily, both Democrats and Republicans offered similar proposals in the past. At the time, however, the Trump administration rejected them.

But with a critical impasse devolving into economic headwinds, the President took an open opportunity. Was this playing politics and pandering to the American public? You bet it was! What else, I don’t see an issue with it. Historically and consistently, the leftists have essentially trolled their agendas into law.

At the same time, the White House had no choice but to concede on immigration reform.


Concession on Immigration Reform Exposes the Democrats

As I mentioned in my last post, the Republicans lost the midterm elections. Thus, they cannot ram down their mandates with ease. If they didn’t want to be in this position, they should have won. After all, Trump has campaigned on the message of winning.

But with this concession on immigration reform, the ball is now back in the Democrats’ court. If CNN’s biased broadcast is any indication, the left plan on whining and moaning about Trump playing politics. More than once, the talking heads questioned the timing of the announcement.

But this weak excuse does nothing to detract from the issue: the President has offered a deal, one that could lead to a resolution to the government shutdown. Of course, the Democrats can choose to reject the proposal. However, if they do that, they will merely expose their motives.

Because if they choose obstinance, the public will learn a key lesson: progressives care more about fighting than they do about actual progress. In other words, it’s easy to get along with a leftist. You merely agree with everything they say or face the consequences.

Finally, though, we have a leader that knows how to handle these high-level trolls. Ironically, the Democrats’ arrogance brought this blunt diplomacy onto themselves.