One of the more disappointing broken promises from President Trump is the “America First” mandate. This wasn’t just an outpouring of nationalistic sentiment, and the need to revamp our broken immigration system. More broadly, America First meant staying out of geopolitical conflicts that had nothing to do with our domestic interests or security.

Now into his eighth month in office, President Trump is worryingly repeating age-old myths and obfuscations. Primarily, Iranian terrorism is back on the political playbook — and no one knows why. After all, there is no greater truth in geopolitics than the fact that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Iran, as a Shia-majority government, is a natural counterweight to radical, Sunni-sponsored terrorism.

Iranians aren’t even Arabs. Indeed, Iran’s history is marked with bitter sectarian violence with its Arab neighbors. Saudia Arabia funds and sponsors much of today’s Islamic terrorism — Al Qaeda, ISIS, and others follow extreme Wahhabi irrationalism. Yet our own State Department insists that Iranian terrorism is the biggest threat to the U.S. and Israel.

Such inflammatory lies divert the American public’s attention from the true sources and impetus of terrorism. Accusations of rampant Iranian terrorism ignore the fact that an international psyop cabal of the CIA, British Intelligence, and Mossad, joined forces to overthrow Iran’s popularly-elected leadership.

CIA, Mossad

Consider that many liberal Americans are protesting violently in the streets for alleged Russian collusion. How angry would they or anyone be if the allegations were true?

With Iran, there’s no denying that the CIA and Mossad engaged in social and political engineering, primarily for the sake of British oil companies. That is, Iran is hated for wanting to nationalize its own natural resources. It’s exactly the same circumstance as when former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein threatened to sell oil in a currency other than the U.S. dollar.

Saudia Arabia, the epicenter of radical Islamic terrorism, does not face any criticism for its actions. Why? Because they learned to play along with the psyop propagated by the CIA, British intelligence, and Mossad. Note President Trump’s prior state visit to Saudi Arabia. Did the women in the presidential entourage have to wear potato sacks on their heads? No. Was a very Jewish and very Zionist Jared Kushner allowed to step foot on pure, Muslim soil? Yes!

Both the American and Israeli government know damn well that Iranian terrorism is no threat to them. But the psyop of selling the fear is what gives these illegitimate intelligence operatives power. President Trump should recognize these dynamics as he has demonstrated incredible discernment in the past.

Unfortunately, he is taking our entire nation on more Middle Eastern incursions, all under the watchful direction of the CIA and Mossad.