JERUSALEM! “Hamas in the Box” Effect Golan’s Valley of Hamon-Gog

The insularity that permeates a “fog of war” in United States pedestrian spheres and its mainstream press was described by Kishore Mahbubani last spring (video) as “incestuous and self-referential discourse that’s actually frightening” propaganda compared to views expressed elsewhere on Earth. Furthermore, NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia metastasized into the current Middle East conflagration this weekend when Russia launched military aerial patrols over the “Bravo Line” demilitarized zone between Syria and Israel-occupied Golan Heights, which has received zero headline coverage by Western legacy media presstitutes so far.

If you just awakened from a deep slumber after a holiday siesta, the Middle East trigger was pulled when the Gaza Strip’s 16 years of autonomy abruptly ended following Hamas’ terrorism-laced breach of the Israel border on Oct. 7, 2023. Hamas coined that invasion as “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” in a memorandum, and the former Hamas chief called for protests worldwide and neighboring Muslim nations to join the war against Israel.

  • Netanyahu: “No one will stop us – not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, no one.” – Alarabiya News, Jan. 13, 2024
  • “Evidence points to systematic use of rape and sexual violence by Hamas in October attack.” – The Guardian, Jan. 18

Before penning “WW3 Bitchcraft” published (Twitter thread) last week, this “JERUSALEM! ‘Hamas in the Box’ Effect” series included “Revisited” (thread), “Reckoning” (thread), “Red Sea and Global Supply Chains” (thread), and separately “The New Global Supply Chain Crisis Paradigm” published (thread) last week. Here is an excerpt from the Red Sea intro:

“Israel’s ‘Iron Sword’ military operation aimed at liquidating Hamas in Gaza after the murderous infiltration into Israeli territory has opened a Pandora’s box of Iran’s proxy network across the Middle East and beyond. The war is no longer an isolated geopolitical quagmire focused on the Holy Land since the Muslim world’s ideological feuds between the Shiites and Sunnis are all-in with pan-Islamic support for the Palestinian cause that transformed into a humanitarian crisis and is viewed as genocide by the Muslim world.” – TraderStef

After withdrawing from Syria’s Red Hills region in mid-2021, Russia entered the current Middle East battlespace with a resumption of land-based military patrols in early Nov. 2023. Two military police posts were deployed to the region in early Jan. 2024 to “monitor the ceasefire” due to “increasing provocations in the area.” Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since the Six-Day War armistice in 1967 when they began to establish settlements there. Syria tried to retake that region during the 1974 Middle East war and failed. A new armistice was signed, United Nations observer forces were deployed, and Syrian forces are not allowed to enter the buffer zone. Israel unilaterally annexed the Golan Heights in 1981, and the Trump administration rubber-stamped that decision in 2019. The Golan is strategically important to Israel because southern Syria and the capital of Damascus are clearly visible from its highest elevation.

Map of Golan Heights Demilitarized Zone and Bravo Line

Map of Golan Heights Demilitarized Zone and Bravo Line


Russia’s initial withdrawal from the area after helping Syria quell a civil war from 2015-2020 opened a door for Iran-backed militias to infiltrate. This made it vulnerable to being targeted by Israel, and it was subsequently bombed. Israel has airdropped deterrent messages on paper leaflets across its borders to warn leaders of Hezbollah, Quds Force militias, and other Iranian-loyal militias that their presence won’t be tolerated and would be met with force. The Israeli Air Force and artillery continually target IRGC weapon delivery routes into the region, respond to rocket attacks in the Golan region and northern Israel by targeting sources, and assassinating leadership. 

Iran vows revenge after Israeli attack on Damascus… “Israel has killed Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) military officials in a missile strike on Damascus early on January 20, according to Iranian and Syrian media… The strike on the pro-Iranian Syrian capital is part of a broader escalation in the region between Iran and Israel that has rapidly escalated in just the last week.” – IntelliNews, Jan. 20

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It is no coincidence that Russia and Iran met in Moscow this past week to finalize a bilateral strategic pact. There is a gradual escalation taking place on Israel’s eastern border amid its war with Hamas on its western border, the Houthis in Yemen to the south, and Hezbollah in Lebanon at its northern border was described by the Washington Institute this month as the Red-Hot Blue Line “teetering on the brink.”

The United Nations Completely Failed in Lebanon… “How a U.N. peacekeeping mission may have inadvertently produced Israel’s next war.” – FP, Dec. 2023


“Sky News Arabia is reporting that upwards of 75 Members of the Houthi Terrorist Group alongside Technicians and Officers of Hezbollah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran have been Killed so far during U.S. and British Strikes on Western Yemen.” – OSINTdefender, Jan. 21

Russia announced last week that it has also launched military air patrols over the Golan Heights “Bravo Line” and was ignored by the Western press. According to TASS on Jan. 18, the objective of the Russian Aerospace Forces is to “monitor the situation along the disengagement line between the two sides.” In addition to the plethora of Western military vessels patrolling around the Middle East region to help secure commercial shipping supply chains, Russia’s entry into the battlefield airspace heightens the risk of a false flag, accidental event, or an intentional attack on aircraft and/or naval vessels that would escalate the current WW3 landscape to a whole new level.

No matter what your political, ideological, or theological beliefs may be, consider the passage found in Ezekiel 38-39 that describes a great war and burial in the Valley of Hamon-Gog located in the land of Magog. As a side note, a Muslim’s view of the crusades is quite different from that of a Christian. There is a compilation of scholarly views on the valley’s location that is highlighted on the following map.

Valley of Hamon-Gog


Prepping on the home front, properly aligning your investments, and reducing debt is a necessity out of prudence. Don’t waste time thinking that everything is or will be hunky-dory. Let’s close shop this evening with the following excerpts and a brief interview on the Middle East escalation with Ret. Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

Muslim Saracen Chivalry as Templar Heritage… “It cannot be emphasized enough – for the deeper Truth to finally be told – that neither alleged ‘religious differences nor ‘religion’ itself were ever the actual cause of such military conflict. Rather, it was always the unlawful provocations by secular officials, who falsely abused merely superficial religious ideas, to manufacture false Chistian-Muslim conflicts, creating artificial situations which forced honorable Knights to have to fight battles which they otherwise would never have supported.” – Order of the Temple of Solomon


A Turk in Palestine… “Erdogan’s legitimacy, after all, is based on the civilizational clash, so he pulls it closer at every opportunity. Here’s Erdoğan at the Great Palestine Rally: ‘You shed tears for those who died in Ukraine, but why are you silent for those who died in Gaza? O [Western countries], I am calling out to you! Do you once again want a struggle between the crescent and the cross?’” – Selim Koru, Dec. 4


Saudi Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Eng. Waleed bin Abdulkarim El-Khereiji at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit… “Saudi Arabia renewed its firm stance against the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the need for an immediate ceasefire, the delivery of relief aid, and the prevention of forced displacement of Gaza’s inhabitants… Khereiji highlighted that the Palestinian file will remain on the agenda of the organization’s numerous meetings until an independent Palestinian state is established on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, under relevant international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative. – Asharq AI-Awsat, Jan. 21

Col. Douglas Macgregor: “This is about to BLOW UP.” – Redacted, Jan. 16


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JERUSALEM! “Hamas in the Box” Effect Golan’s Valley of Hamon-Gog

JERUSALEM! “Hamas in the Box” Effect Golan’s Valley of Hamon-Gog