A few months back, I had the chance to visit Los Angeles. Although the traffic was horrendous, what should I have expected? It’s the typical LA nonsense. But what I didn’t experience was the squalor and destitution that many in the media have compared to a Third World country.

Then again, I was traveling to good part of the LA: you know, where all the rich white people and celebrities live. Even back decades ago, the City of Angels was always segmented. Depending on your socio-economic category, along with immutable characteristics like race or ethnicity, you avoided certain areas.

Thus, LA is a sterilized dystopian nightmare. If you want to experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, these attributes remain. But if you’re looking for the despair typically found only in Third World countries, you can find that too.

Just take the wrong exit off the 101 freeway.

Recently, I was shocked to discover that indeed, LA is now a Third World country. Although billed as an economic powerhouse – LA has a GDP of $656 billion – it also has increasingly barbaric elements. For instance, the city is completely rat-infested. Combined with the massive homeless crisis, health officials fear the rise of the bubonic plague.

Yeah, you’re reading that correctly.


Third World Status Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

But if that wasn’t shocking enough, consider this: what’s happening to LA could very well happen to where you live.

Presumably, very few people want to mention the obvious: for decades, LA has been a safe haven for leftist Democrats and their progressive fascism. And if that sounds like hyperbole, consider this: voters in LA don’t have a choice in many of their political discourses. Instead, at the ballot, they must elect which liberal nutcase is more liberal than the other.

Worse yet, the Democrats are angling for total dominance of American society. That’s why the liberal media’s “fake news” isn’t just an annoyance. Control the press – and in conjunction with other mechanisms such as education – you eventually control the people.

And with so much animus toward the Trump administration, a shifting of power will come. Maybe not in 2020, but at some point, the Democrats will gain executive control. That’s just the political cycle in action.

But when that happens, I’m afraid it won’t be just LA that falls into Third World status. Instead, it will be our entire nation.