This is an article that quite frankly shocked me — and that’s saying a lot considering the madness of the leftist agenda. Originally published by Cosmopolitan UK, writer Catriona Harvey-Jenner contributed a piece entitled ” This woman left her husband of 22 years because he voted for Trump.” I understand that last year’s presidential election was the most contentious perhaps in all of American history. I sympathize with those that are concerned about Donald Trump’s executive orders. However, there is a point where enough is enough — even for the radicalized left.

Apparently, Gayle McCormick, the subject of the article, has yet to find this threshold, if one even exists at all for her. After more than two decades of being married to her conservative Republican husband Bill, she had finally reached the end of her patience. After Bill casually remarked as part of a broader conversation that he planned to vote for Donald Trump, she was outraged. To her, it was unfathomable that anyone would support the real estate mogul, let alone her husband.

In an interview with The Independent, the former Mrs. McCormick stated that “I felt like I had been fooling myself. It opened up areas between us I had not faced before. I realised how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

If indeed this story is authentic, and is not one of the Democrats’ fake news items, it reflects an incredibly sad chapter of the leftist agenda. McCormick is 73 years old, a retired prison guard from California. She of all people should know the failed policies of the Democrats and the radicalized left first-hand. But even if she was completely ignorant of politics, she should know that her husband of 22 years is a Republican. Did she honestly believe that he would support the leftist agenda instead?

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The mainstream media is saturated with attacks on Donald Trump. It has gotten so bad that the accusations no longer carry any weight because the viciousness is distributed across an expansive platform. Nevertheless, this is a new low for the leftist agenda.

Cosmopolitan openly supported McCormick’s decision to leave her husband, adding quips such as “Stick to your guns, girl,” and “Now there’s a woman who’s standing up for what she believes in.” This is nothing more than an attack against the family and the institution of marriage. It’s a sacred relationship, one that should not be broken until death do us part.

There are rare exceptions to this rule, such as infidelity or domestic violence. But voting for a candidate with whom you disagree? That’s about the most absurd and frankly, pathetic reason to end a relationship, let alone to initiate divorce procedures.

Sadly, this is how the leftist agenda works. Democrats honor your freedom of speech, so long as what you believe aligns with that of the radicalized left.