For some time leading up to the Mueller investigation’s results, it appeared that the Trump administration was headed toward trouble. Seemingly damning evidence had piled up against the embattled President. Moreover, he just wasn’t winning in the way that he gloated about. It was a chance for the leftist ideology to dominate the discourse.

In many ways, they did just that. However, they accomplished nothing that they had previously hoped. Worse yet, their chances of presenting a viable opposition to the Trump reelection campaign absorbed a sizable blow. An increasing number of Democratic candidates have put up their names for consideration, each crazier than the next.

But perhaps no other Democrat has generated as much controversy than Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. Yes, this is the Congresswoman who described the 9/11 terrorist attack as “something someone did.”

Naturally, conservatives jumped on this scandalous remark like rabid dogs. This is one of the most insensitive, out-of-touch descriptors ever produced by the leftist ideology. Even more problematic for Democrats, it gave the opposition Republican party ammunition at a time when their backs were against the wall.

However, what was most surprising about the criticism against Omar was that it wasn’t strictly limited to conservative voices. In fact, the very liberal New York Times blasted Omar for not appreciating the true horrors of 9/11.


Leftist Ideology Shot Itself in the Foot

Honestly, I’m surprised that the NYT issued an editorial that is so well-reasoned and cogent. Essentially, columnist Bret Stephens called out a double standard. If any conservative, or extreme right-winger stated that prior white-nationalist terrorists attacks were “something someone did,” the media and the general public would eviscerate them.

Yet when a protected member of society issues a controversial statement, they get a pass; a pass, Stephens argues, that society would never give to right-wing extremists. But in order to establish credibility to win future elections, Democrats must at least try to show impartiality in judgment.

With the Omar scandal, the leftist ideology has taken on its most pressing challenge yet. True, liberals are united against Trump and the Republicans. However, many normal, everyday Democrats remember 9/11 all too vividly.

And that really goes back to Stephens’ point. As he wrote:

The problem is that the remark is foul…I live in lower Manhattan, near the 9/11 memorial and museum. No decent person can look at the portraits of the 2,983 victims of Islamist terrorists and say, by-the-by, that this was “something” that “some people did.”

In their almost-maniacal rage against Trump, several Democrats forgot one point: their own party features so much diversity that it’s difficult to understand what the consensus is. As the Omar controversy proved, not everyone is on the same page, or even reading the same book.