When then real-estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump won the Presidency, you could almost feel the collective heartache; well, collective if you were a Democrat. Throughout the mainstream media circuit, talking heads agonized over the shocking announcement. They felt that their leftist policies were the answers Americans were looking for. Unfortunately for them, they were dead wrong.

So it’s with some bemusement that I’m seeing the Democrats repeat the same mistakes. Leading the charge is former Vice President Joe Biden. This man hasn’t been relevant since the 2000s decade, yet here he is. Indeed, Biden is the perfect embodiment of the Democratic party: old, decrepit, and full of crazy ideas that no rational person cares about.

But the Democrats have other contenders, especially fast-rising Kamala Harris. Harris, a radicalized hothead who’s only apparent qualifications are that she’s black and a woman, has played that old game: the race card.

She might as well. Under their own guise, leftist policies feature repugnant attributes that very few middle-of-the-road voters will appreciate. To make this palatable for the everyday American, Harris harps on white guilt to advance radical ideologies.

For instance, Harris has proposed a $100 billion fund to help black families buy homes in areas that they were historically denied access. As she sees it, this has the ability to close the wealth gap between white and black families.

Instead, these lubricious leftist policies will only harm the Democrats and ensure a second term for President Trump.


Leftist Policies Hands Conservatives a Gift

Government exists to protect the interests and safety of its constituents. Due to the fallibility of man, government is a necessity. But too much oversight and pandering renders a crippling impact on society.

As you might guess from my posts, I’m politically conservative. However, that doesn’t mean I’m completely right wing on all issues. Rather, I see the validity in the concept of helping historically disenfranchised members of society finding level ground.

That said, I believe that leftist policies aimed at rebalancing the wealth gap deserve an equitable response from the opposition. For instance, I don’t necessarily mind that the American people pay a tax to address racial wrongs. At the same time, this earmarked fund should require accountability.

Whites (and to a lesser nominal extent Asians) avoid blacks for a reason. According to any intellectually honest discussion about race and crime, blacks commit certain types of crime (particularly violent ones) more than other races.

To be fair, all races commit certain crimes to a greater proportion than the average. For instance, a white person is more likely to commit embezzlement than a black person. Disproportionately, Asians commit more gambling-related crimes than other races.

That said, blacks have historically incurred trouble attempting to resolve differences civilly. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised at the concept of white flight.

If leftist policies push blacks into white neighborhoods, it’s more than fair that whites demand accountability: white families cannot afford to have their neighborhoods become denizens of crime.

But that won’t happen, and not because of racial dynamics. Instead, these leftist policies are too radical for most Americans to stomach. Therefore, Harris and her ilk will only sniff the White House from their living room couch.