In a stunning reversal of media perception, a growing number of Americans support the executive order issued by President Donald Trump banning what are essentially Muslim refugees from entering the U.S. Despite huge protests erupting across the nation, this “extreme vetting” process is the direct spiritual descendant of the “Muslim ban” – one of Donald Trump’s hallmark and most controversial campaign promise.

While ardent conservatives applaud the executive order as a means to keep America protected from terrorism, there are of course vast criticisms – and not just from the left. The refugee ban is popular among conservative circles because of the devastation that such immigration policies have wreaked in western Europe. At the same time, some moral exemptions are necessary to the refugee ban.

Those that have helped American efforts in combating radical Islam – most notably, translators and informants – should be given a clear pathway to freedom. By not allowing these allies entry, it is tantamount to a death sentence. To be fair, exemptions have been granted, but these details should have been ironed out by Donald Trump and his administration prior to the executive order.

In fact, the “Muslim ban” executive order explicitly “banned all entries from seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days,” according to the Associated Press. The refugee ban will be on pause for a period of four months, while refugees from Syria will be placed on hold indefinitely.

No matter how well-meaning the refugee ban is, it’s a technical faux pas that will more than likely have a negative impact on Donald Trump. The problem is that those foreigners who have been vetted, and who have the proper documentation and were thereby granted entry in to the U.S. are now being denied by an executive order. This sets an ugly legal precedent in that the executive office can basically overturn any law or mandate without any checks or balances.

Here’s the irony — Donald Trump won the electorate based on his “America First” message. He promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption. But if he overreaches too much with the refugee ban, he will end up proliferating the very thing he swore to end.