In a shocking vote of bizarre national guilt, so-called political centrist Emmanuel Macron “resoundingly won France’s landmark presidential election,” according to AFP. For embattled France, which has been rocked with a series of radical terrorism, there will be no victory parade, no sense of direction, not even a glimmer of hope. National Front leader Marine Le Pen offered those elements, and so much more.

The French elections proved, however, that their people are more interested in political correctness than moral fortitude.

Le Pen had been unfairly labeled a racist and a bigot due to her leadership of the National Front, a pro-nationalist party. Ironically, it was she that ousted her father Jean-Marie, who had gone off the deep end and became anathema to the political and social machinery. Under her direction, Marine Le Pen crystallized the message of the National Front, focusing on economic and security issues.

Due largely to the unmitigated wave of foreign radical extremism, Le Pen and her party — which were previously regarded as cancerous — gained unprecedented momentum. She garnered enough votes in the preliminary round to set off the showdown with Macron, an investment banker who has no political experience.

Macron could be considered the “anti-Trump.” For starters, Macron is the youngest-ever leader of France. Donald Trump is the oldest candidate to take the American Presidency. The media often portrays Trump as a man’s man. Macron comes off as a tutu-wearing fairy. Both had engaged in no prior political work, but chose opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. Finally, both have wives that are separated by a large age gap: Trump, the stereotypical wealthy guy with a much younger wife, Macron is “un-stereotypical” with a much older wife.

The French elections were heavily scrutinized as a bellwether of the rising tide of global nationalism. If Le Pen had won, it would spark a radical shift in broader European politics. She is vigorously opposed to the EU, and wants out of the euro currency. Macron, of course, wants to stay. And this is the only issue that the globalists care about.

If Le Pen had run a campaign of only attacking radical extremism and ignored the Eurozone entirely, she very well may have won the French elections. But as soon as she threatened the globalist hegemony towards a one-world currency, the elitist machinery sent in Macron, an investment banker. You’d have to be blind as a bat not to read between the lines.

Rather than a defeat of nationalism, the French elections proved the overriding influence of the banking cartel. Bankers don’t care about the sentiments of their people. They just care about the literally free cash flow they were enjoying, and the system that Le Pen threatened to upend.

That’s the reason Le Pen “failed” — but nationalism is guaranteed to rise.