For several weeks, the migrant caravan has caused chaos and turmoil at our southern border. Now, the self-imposed humanitarian crisis has claimed the life of an innocent child.

According to the Associated Press, a seven-year old girl from Guatemala died two hours after U.S. Border Patrol took her and her father into custody. The girl was traveling in a migrant caravan of 163 people who approached federal agents for surrender. The tragedy occurred last week on December 6th.

Based on the limited available information, the girl apparently died from dehydration and shock. Shortly after her detainment, she suffered seizures. At that point, Border Patrol officials called for medical assistance. A helicopter flew her to an El Paso hospital, but it was too late.

Customs and Border Protection released a statement disclosing that the girl “had not eaten or consumed water in several days.” Predictably, social advocacy groups like the ACLU quickly condemned our federal agencies. They suggested that Border Patrol agents must demonstrate greater care for human life. In addition, they blasted the “culture of cruelty” within the CBP.

Certainly, I can understand the outrage. No child should ever die, especially in such squalor and under extreme duress. Where I draw the line is the responsible party.


Migrant Caravan Shows No Remorse Nor Rationality

The only person to blame in this awful case is the dead girl’s father. Like any child her age, she trusted her father to guide and protect her. That he jeopardized her life through a willful decision to break another country’s sovereign laws is beyond despicable.

But the most maddening aspect is that so-called social-justice warriors have latched onto the migrant caravan at truth’s expense. Again, no other party aside from the guilty parent(s) is responsible for the girl’s death. None of our federal agents, officials, or elected members encouraged or incentivized families to risk their own lives.

And by now, the migrant caravan and any illegal alien should understand President Trump’s firm mandate: no one is coming inside our country without going through the proper legal channels.

At that point, prospective refugees have no recourse. If they attempt to bypass U.S. law, they do so at their own personal risk. It’s the same as if you attempted to rob a bank simply because you desired a better lifestyle. If you end up wounded or killed, that’s on you: no one forced you to make such a dumb move.

Except this case really bothers me because it involves an innocent, dependent child. At the end of the day, the migrants can do whatever they want and face the consequences. But there’s no forgiving any adult who endangers children.