By now, the field of NFL teams has become even more tighter as we march toward America’s unofficial iconic holiday: Super Bowl Sunday. In prior publications for various media sources, I’ve mentioned the ridiculous amount of money people spend on the football economy. Tonight, I’d like to demonstrate how football is the last vestige of sanity and rationality.

Upfront, I realize that this statement is incredibly ironic. For those who have never been sucked into the sports craze, I recognize your incredulity. Week in and week out, millions of zombie American consumers fork over billions of dollars, living vicariously through their “heroes.” In some cases, these same morons will go about defending their team’s honor.

What a waste of time and dignity! Another irony in all this worship for the NFL is that the participating athletes don’t give a crap about your fandom: so long as the million-dollar checks come in, they’ll pay lip service and that’s all she wrote.

But what I find most fascinating about our obsession with the NFL is that only here – and to be fair, in other popular professional sports – do we find rational thinking in even the most controversial subjects.


Why We Need NFL Thinking in the Real World

Americans are dumb. And if data from the College Board is anything to go by, Americans of all backgrounds are getting dumber. However, one demographic has bucked the trend in a big way: Asian Americans.

According to standardized testing results for college applications, since 2006 through 2015, all non-Asian students have progressively scored lower. And that trend probably continues to this day. In October 2018, reported that yet again, all races/ethnicities scored lower than prior the year except for Asian Americans.

For whatever reason – be it genetics or cultural upbringing – Asian American students consistently score higher than everyone else. But in the infinite wisdom of progressive liberalism, the government has decided to punish these superstars by penalizing them. Of course, I’m speaking about affirmative action.

But what if we viewed such matters through the lens of the NFL? Do we penalize athletes for record-breaking performances in their collegiate career? Hell no! Instead, they are the first-round draft picks. Sometimes, teams will sacrifice their future draft picks to grab these potential superstars in the here and now.

But isn’t that discrimination against people who were not blessed with athletic abilities? Of course, it is! But discrimination is a wonderful concept in pro sports: it weeds out the great from the merely good. And pro sports is in the business of winning.

Apparently, though, the U.S. government is in the business of losing. Unfortunately, this insanity continues to penalize hard-working Asian Americans who have done no wrong other than to maximize their God-given talents: and isn’t that what all professional athletes do?