In 24 hours, the world is about to witness a wholly unprecedented event, one that may alter the course of history: President Donald Trump will sit down with dictator Kim Jong-un to spark negotiations over various issues, with the denuclearization of North Korea being the most critical.

Earlier, such an idea was unthinkable. For several months, both President Trump and Kim Jong-un engaged in a bitter war of words. Much of it would be considered comical and juvenile fare were it not for the high stakes involved. North Korea not only talked tough, but flexed its muscle with numerous missile launches aimed to intimidate.

Now, we’re on the cusp of a potentially groundbreaking peace. Yet with anything involving Trump, drama followed him prior to the historic meeting. Before landing in Singapore to meet with Kim Jong-un, Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the PM balked at U.S. tariffs imposed on his country.

No matter what happens, all eyes, including those of Wall Street, will be on North Korea and this remarkable event. Certainly, investors will need to be extremely vigilant over the next several weeks. But on top of that, all Americans should keep some things in mind:


Trump is Acting like an Antichrist

I mean no disrespect to President Trump, nor the conservative movement. I’m just making observations, and a peacemaker is what the antichrist is known for. Let’s remind ourselves that the real Christ has the title “Prince of Peace.” The antichrist brings a fake peace.

Also note that he’s denigrated the entire news media as “fake news.” Could this attack have been part of a bigger plan to promote the idea that Trump is a genuine peacemaker, and not a mere puppet? It’s something to think about.


North Korea is Trolling Trump

Former President George W. Bush infamously fumbled the old adage, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” But in this case, it looks like Trump needs to be fooled a multitude of times before he even begins to acknowledge that he’s been played.

It’s obvious to anyone that has studied North Korea that Kim Jong-un is trolling Trump. Trolls go by a universal rule – always punch up. By giving Kim an undeserved global platform, North Korea wins its primary objective. Everything else is gravy.


The Meeting is a Personal Victory for Trump

That said, it could be Trump that’s trolling the entire world. Our President is an egomaniac – to suggest otherwise is intellectual dishonesty. He’s hurt from criticism that he’s done nothing substantive during his administration, so he wants to strike an unprecedented deal for his legacy.

As far as the American nation’s dignity, and policy of not negotiating with terrorist states? That’s all gone out the window. This dynamic should concern everyone as it appears that Trump is more desperate to get a deal going than is Kim Jong-un.