On Thursday night, the second evening of protests at a college campus, this time NYU, were held. Gavin McInnes a conservative speaker and writer, held an event that attracted fascist protestors. A heavy police presence was on scene, to prevent the chaos that happened at Berkley, but it still wasn’t enough to prevent the event from being shut down. However, one NYU professor wasn’t at all happy with the police officers there to keep the peace. The video below shows her having an epic and incoherent meltdown.


It’s sad to see the something so valuable as the right to free speech shut down at our college campuses, but what she is yelling about is just plain ridiculous. At one point, she shouts “these kids are trying to learn about humanity” well ok, that’s fine, but isn’t what you call racism and xenophobia a part of humanity? By trying to shut the event down how will your students understand why they find McInnes’s view disagreeable? The professor goes on to encourage the officers to “beat their a**”.

 Is this the 1960’s? I wasn’t aware that we had regressed back to beatings because people don’t share the same view as you.

Professors like her should be fired. They promote a hyper-sensitized fanatical liberalism, while creating a hostile environment against anything that contradicts their views. They have stopped teaching and have become promoters of propaganda and ignorance.