Shortly after Trump won the election in November of 2016, The Economist magazine printed a cover reminiscent of  other mysterious cover art they have published in the past, in order to convey secret messages to those astute enough to dissect.  At the end of this article, there is a YouTube video from a tarot reader with 25 years of experience who took a shot at interpreting the 2016 cover.  She did a great job, and I suggest you indulge some time to view it.

In light of such methods painted across financial publications in the past, I will take this time to offer my own 30 years of experience from learning and reading tarot cards by offering a brief three-card toss with the question: who may be the next Fed chair? 

The deck I use is the Sacred Rose.  I scanned three cards pulled from my 30-year-old deck and made it the headline image for this article.  I will type out the literal meaning of each to add some context for those not familiar, then disseminate my own interpretation.  The cards were as follows:

PAST – TWO OF WANDS Reversed Position

A man and a woman are facing each other.  Each holds a wand out in front, as if to say that they were right, or they were first.  There is an air of defiance in their stance and in their features.  They are standing on top of a globe representing the earth and each seeks domination over the other.  Their fists are clenched as if suppressing some form of energy or anger.  The base of each of the wands is for the woman a red rose symbolizing her energy for passion, while for the man the base is a white flower, symbolizing the creative masculine energy.  They desire to combine and share, yet one must make the first move if anything is to come of the situation.  The two of wands symbolizes power and dominion as shown by the red and orange of the robes of the two figures.  A battle of wills, emotions, ambitions and desires is to take place before action can be instigated. 

Positive Upright Position: A dominant personality with courage and fortitude.  Equality in partnership.  The ability to exercise power over others through strength of will. 

Negative Reversed Position: Resentment and jealousy leading to aggression.  Restraint caused by others.


A right hand is bursting forth from a gold rose.  The hand holds a single, large pentacle, or coin.  All the around the base of the pentacle are berries and leaves and it appears to shimmer and shine in the cosmic background.  The gold rose is the elemental symbol of earth, while the berries and leaves indicate the fertility of the earth and Mother Nature’s rewards to those who make use of her energies.  The shining effect of the pentacle indicates achievements and possibilities realized, so when this card appears some form of material gain has or will soon be made. 

Positive Upright Position: Completion, perfection and attainment.  Great wealth in relationship to the environment.  Good luck and lucky omen for gamblers.  A period of prosperity, where the work of the past may at last be harvested in material terms.  A happy, stable and contented period. 

Negative Reversed Position: Prosperity, though without the joy it could bring.  Wealth without love.  Ambitions fulfilled in the material realm, though too late to save the emotional.  Wasted money and misused wealth.  Money obtained through corruption, falsity and deceit, which will bring no happiness or joy.

FUTURE – NINE OF CUPS Upright Position

In the background is a full moon from which the happy and smiling faces of a man and woman shine forth.  Below them lie nine cups from each of which blooms a white rose of purity, or emotional contentment.  Amongst the cups sits the figure of a woman, her hair intertwined with the moon and the hair of the faces reflected in it indicating her emotional harmony and contentment.  The card indicates that emotional consciousness (moon) coupled with material energy (earth) will lead to material gain and success.  This card is often called the ‘wish granted’ card and has its equivalent in playing cards in the nine of hearts.  All obstacles can be surmounted and when this card appears, it neutralizes even the negative effects of major arcane cards.  Its own negative effects relate to delays, rather than failure. 

Positive Upright Position: Success and material advancement.  Good health.  Advancement or promotion for effort.  A period where it seems you just can’t put a foot wrong.  A wish granted. 

Negative Reversed Position: Manipulation of others can cause delays in progress.  Material possessions owed, or money which others delay payment of.  A false sense of security can lead to over-commitment.


Obviously, there is a lot of tension in Washington due to the Trump administration coming into office.  It is no longer business as usual.  The indoctrinated politicians and academics don’t understand what a Jacksonian POTUS brings to the table.  History is forgotten by the old guard.  Instead, the next trivial headline dominates the political circus.  What the indoctrinated may have failed to recognize is that Trump is not a useful idiot.

Just because he did not enter the Oval Office as a seasoned politician, that doesn’t mean he is not astute or intelligent enough to understand and play the domestic and geopolitical chess games. This has created a battle between the “deep-state” establishment and patriots.  Who was there first is irrelevant.  He was elected, period.  There is much resentment, and the POTUS “inherited a mess,” as he so eloquently put it.

There has been an enormous amount of misused wealth.  First and foremost, by the Federal Reserve.  It is not a recent development, but it did take on new dimensions with TARP, along with the Fed’s behind-the-scenes multitrillion-dollar bailout of the global financial system.  The corruption that followed was endemic within the previous administration, and it appeared as though no one was in charge or gave a damn anymore.  Perhaps due to the magnitude of the financial crisis, a realization began to emerge that the U.S. could not grow its way out and pay back decades of accumulated debt burdens within a structurally destabilized economy.  Bad data, buy. Good data, buy.  Increases to the national debt are a road to nowhere and will bring no happiness or joy to anyone or their future generations.

There is future opportunity, but it must be acted upon.  As Jim Rickards has noted, “While the press chases trivia like a puppy with a tennis ball, Trump is remaking the judiciary, remaking the Fed, and preparing for war.” Fed monetary policy is a big deal, but it alone cannot solve the underlying structural issues.  In combination with proper economic policy, a solution will be improvised.  The wish will be granted.  The POTUS will succeed in his policy plans.  Nobody said it was going to be easy turning around an aircraft carrier vs. a pleasure boat.

Jerome Powell is known as “Jay” Powell. There are nine letters when using his preferred nickname.  There are nine cups in the future card, Nine of Cups.  The POTUS wants low interest rates and a high stock market.  Jay is a “dove” and a centrist.  There will be at least one more full business day before any announcements.

Meet Jerome ‘Jay’ Powell, The Former Wall Streeter That President Obama Just Nominated To The Fed… “He’s actually a lawyer by training and has worked for the government before under President George H.W. Bush, but his extensive experience in the financial industry is his defining factor as a nominee to the Fed board. In 1980s, Powell was an investment banker at Dillon Read & Co, a firm that would later become a part of UBS through a series of acquisitions. He then joined the Treasury in 1990, first as an assistant secretary and later as an undersecretary. During his time with the Treasury, he helped restructure bond auctions when Salomon Brothers went through its Treasury bond scandal, Bloomberg reported. After his Treasury gig, Powell joined private equity giant The Carlyle Group as a partner, where he founded the Industry group within the US Buyout fund.  He was at Carlyle from 1997 to 2005. Currently, Powell is a visiting scholar at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington DC.  Powell and Stein still must go through the Senate confirmation process in order to actually gain a seat on the board.  Since neither have expressed extremely radical views on monetary policy in the past, analysts do not expect immense changes in Fed policy if the two are nominated.” – Business Insider, Dec. 2011

Notes From Underground: Him Or Me, What’s It Gonna Be?… “Here is my best guess: Because this president reminds the nation how great he is doing using the stock markets as the barometer it would follow that his choice would be the best one for keeping equity prices elevated. Kevin Warsh and John Taylor would be a problem as the equity markets would become cautious for fear of short-term interest rates rising at a quicker pace. It seems that Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen would be the ones to sustain the current stock rally as they are known entities to the Wall street contingentIf President Trump worried about sovereign bond valuations then Warsh or Taylor would be a more profound choice, but coming from the business of real estate development the president has never met a large debt that can’t be restructured. It was reported that at the President’s Senate lunch today the Republicans held a straw vote for Fed chair and the purported winner was John Taylor. This is of very little meaning because as the president openly belittles Senator Corker he reveals his disdain for the illustrious deliberative body. There are rumors that John Taylor will be vice chair, which may send a hawkish signal but I will fade that for there have been vice-chairmen of quality (Don Kohn, Stanley Fischer) who have kowtowed to the Chair in an effort to build consensus. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” – Yra Harris, Oct. 2017

  • Yellen, Cohn, Warsh out of race for Fed chair – TeleTrader, Oct. 2017
  • Yellen, Warsh Reportedly Drop Out Of Fed Chair Race – ZeroHedge, Oct. 2017

Trump Leans Toward Powell for Fed With Announcement Next Week… “The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index dipped to session lows on news that Powell had emerged as the frontrunner, and yields on 10-year Treasury debt fell as much as four basis points to 2.42 percent. The U.S. stock market’s benchmark S&P 500 Index extended gains. A nomination for Powell is seen by investors as signaling continuity for monetary policy. Speculation he will ultimately be Trump’s pick drove them to buy U.S. stocks and bonds. Trump’s advisers have been steering him toward choosing either Powell or Taylor for the job, according to several people familiar with the deliberations. All of the people who discussed the matter did so on condition of anonymity. Powell is favored by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Taylor by Vice President Mike Pence, people familiar with the matter have said.” – Bloomberg, Oct. 2017

Our Next Fed Chief… “We weigh the choices in what will be President Trump’s most important financial decision to date… THAT MAKES POWELL the leading candidate to succeed Yellen, and the one who has the support of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, according to various reports. The stock market, for its part, climbed on Friday on reports that Trump was leaning toward picking him. A Republican who currently sits on the Fed Board of Governors, Powell has generally supported the Fed’s policies. But he also is likely to be more inclined to a lighter touch on regulation. Yellen, by contrast, emphasized the need to keep the postcrisis regulations in place in a speech last August at the Fed’s big Jackson Hole, Wyo., policy conference” – Barron’s, Oct. 2017

The new Fed chair will have a lot on his plate.

The Economic Endgame Explained… “What do the elites hope to gain by creating a facade of recovery? They have openly admitted to the public on numerous occasions EXACTLY what they want – namely, the institution of a truly global and centralized economic system revolving around a highly controlled world currency framework and dominated by a select cult of banking oligarchs. Anyone who claims that this is not the goal is either a liar or an uneducated fool.  I have covered the evidence supporting this program many times in the past, but it would seem with the precariously surreal nature of our world today that much needs repeating. In 1988, the financial magazine ‘The Economist’ published an article titled “Get ready for a world currency by 2018” (Get Ready for the Phoenix) in which it outlined the framework for a global currency system called the “Phoenix” (a hypothetical title), administered by the International Monetary Fund by the year 2018, which would erase all national economic sovereignty and require governments to borrow from the world central banking authority, rather than print, in order to finance their infrastructure programs. This would mean total control by the IMF over member nations as they beg and plead for more capital under the global currency umbrella… The Economist actually admits that the Phoenix system would start out in the format of the Special Drawing Rights basket currency” – Economic Endgame, Nov. 2014

As Promised, The Economist 2017 Magazine Cover Decoded by a Tarot Card Reader Dec. 26, 2016

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