“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2

Since at least November 2022, pronouncements of “amnesty” from those who pursued and/or enforced unscientific policies and mandate madness surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have surfaced in mainstream print and social media. What was imposed upon humanity by a Pharmakeia-driven pharma mob, governmental collusion, and individual sociopaths like “coronavirus Karen” are nothing short of tyrannical control freaks that damage society at large, financially, psychologically and physically, which amounts to abuse of power that was premeditated, voluntary, or involuntary manslaughter with blatant coercion and disregard of informed consent that violates international law enshrined within the Nuremberg Code (Part 1 and 2).

If you’re not aware, DARPA seeded the ground for the development of the mRNA “vaccine,” and the machinations of institutional and regulatory capture were exposed long before and after lockdowns or the advent of Warp Speed. Innumerable brave souls such as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche are at the forefront and warned worldwide medical authorities (PDF file of original memo and follow-up video presentation) not to inoculate billions with an experimental technology in the heat of an outbreak, and subsequent peaceful protestors were arrested, harassed, trampled by horses, and lied to about the efficacy of wearing a mask. The New Yorker magazine still has the chutzpa to publish an article last month that claims to make the case for wearing face diapers forever. But “the debate is over: The new Cochrane Review on masks proves beyond doubt that the ‘misinformation’ spreaders were right and the entire mainstream medical community is now discredited.” And since Elon Musk took over Twitter and cleaned house, the fascist government censorship we continue to be subjected to is painfully revealed in the extensive “Twitter Files” archive.

Elon Musk Twitter on His and Family Adverse Reaction from COVID Vaccine


Fauci Lied: Rand Paul Confronts Fauci on Natural Immunity – Forbes, Sep. 2022


Dr. Deborah Birx: Says She ‘Knew’ mRNA Jab Did Not Work – Fox News, Jul. 2022


Inside the Secret Government Meeting on COVID-19 Natural Immunity… “Four of the highest ranking U.S. health officials—including Dr. Anthony Fauci—met in secret to discuss whether or not naturally immune people should be exempt from getting COVID-19 vaccines, The Epoch Times can reveal.” – Epoch Times


Growing Number of Doctors Say They Won’t Get Booster Shots… “Physicians speak out on the lack of efficacy evidence.” – Epoch Times

Plandemic 3” Seeing Through The Propaganda – Trailer, Jan. 2023


Bill Gates “Were injecting genetically modified organisms (GMO) in little kids arms”


“COVID was a virus. The lockdowns, mask mandates, and devastation to businesses, livelihoods, social and academic development of children were byproducts of a government mad with power and the media that encouraged and enabled them. No amnesty! Abuse of power must be punished.” – Eric Matheny


2020: They shut down your business. You live on savings. 2021: They force you to get the clot shot. You live on savings. 2022: They create inflation. Food & gas get expensive. You exhaust your savings. 2023: They raise rates to start a global debt crisis to bankrupt you.” – Emerald Robinson


“They forced people to get jabbed to keep their job, to go to school, to go on a vacation, to see family- yet we are told it’s not right to ask if they were vaccinated when they randomly collapse or die suddenly?” – Laura Kronen


Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds… “This estimate suggests that one out of 874 persons is killed by Covid vaccines. I know one such person, my friend’s nephew. He received a J&J vaccine around May 20, 2021, and died suddenly shortly thereafter. His death is NOT in VAERS.” – Daily Clout, Jan. 2023

The institutionalized coercion to inoculate oneself with an experimental mRNA gene modification jab is causing unprecedented excess deaths (Edward Dowd’s Totality of Evidence) that occur suddenly or sometimes slowly by suppressing our innate immune system that may be preceded by a wide array of disease conditions, a plethora of potential adverse reactions, or permanent disabilities. I’ll repeat that the line in the sand was the unimaginable atrocity of harm and/or death done to the unborn, our children, teenagers, and menstrual cycles and fertility. Pfizer’s CEO was called out last week in a case report by a UK pharmaceutical watchdog for making misleading statements on jabbing the children. That level of psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in specific and rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is certainly not in the cards for a crime against humanity that’s nearing global genocide (chartfest).

FeherTunder Twitter on Timike Balogh's Death by Vaccine

Fauci Knew About HCQ In 2005 – Nobody Needed To Die… “How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping SARS in its tracks… While SARS-CoV-2 is not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related and shares 79% of its genome… The Virology Journal – the official publication of Fauci’s NIH – published what is now a blockbuster article on Aug. 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – ‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread… chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated before or after exposure, suggesting both a prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.’ This means, of course, that Fauci has known for 15 years that chloroquine and its even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (‘therapeutic’) but prevent future cases (‘prophylactic’). HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus.” – The Northwest Connection, Apr. 2020

Here are a few excerpts from Part 1 published in Jan. 2022 (#Nuremberg2 Twitter thread):

“The Economist magazine called DARPA the agency ‘that shaped the modern world,’ and pointed out that ‘Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine sits alongside weather satellites, GPS, drones, stealth technology, voice interfaces, the personal computer, and the internet is on the list of innovations for which DARPA can claim at least partial credit’… According to a document obtained by Project Veritas, DARPA rejected the proposal (Project Defuse by EcoHealth Alliance) because the work was too close to violating the gain-of-function (GoF) moratorium, despite what Peter Daszak says in the proposal (that the work would not). As is known, Fauci with NIAID did not reject the proposal. The work took place at the Wuhan (WIV) lab and several sites (i.e. Dr. Ralf Baric at UNC) in the U.S., identified in detail in the proposal… (also) Ivermectin works throughout all phases of illness because it inhibits viral replication and modulates immune response… HCQ was identified as a SARS-CoV inhibitor… and the gene-encoded, or mRNA vaccines work poorly because they are synthetic replications of the already synthetic SARS-CoV-WIV spike proteins and possess no other epitopes… many doctors in the country have identified that symptoms of the vaccine reactions mirror the symptoms of the disease, which corroborates with the similar synthetic nature and function of the respective spike proteins… Follow the patents with Dr. David Martin and then you will understand COVID.” – TraderStef

The alphabet agencies lied to you about Ivermectin because it was cheap, effective, and safe:

Ivermectin Africa vs USA Covid Deaths


FDA Claim Ivermectin For Horses Not Humans

Ivermectin’s Mechanism of Action Against SARS-CoV-2 Described… “SHAME on the hospital systems that systematically denied patients (and their begging families) this FDA-approved, Nobel prize winning, wonder drug.” – Dr. Peter McCullough, Jan. 2

Journos Confront Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at WEF in Davos – Rebel News, Jan. 19


Charge Jab-Pushers w/Illegal Advertising, Fraud, Negligent Homicide – Jan. 15


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A reminder for everyone reading this today: I voted for Trump twice, but he continues to promote Warp Speed poison as a self-proclaimed safe and effective Trumpcine while his loyal base is dropping dead. I first called out his family clan in Aug. 2020 for backing the jabs and repeatedly over the last 2.5 years by sending a note that he needs to own up to his error, otherwise he’s done. If Died Suddenly (begin at 40:05) and the SADS elephant in the room Part 2 (thread) does not motivate Trump after Silk’s (of Diamond & Silk) heartfelt plea and description of her sister’s death at the memorial service that Trump attended, he’s just another member of the Emperors’ Great Reset Borg Part 2 (thread) who’s no longer worthy of carrying the MAGA torch.

TraderStef Calling Out Trump on Warp Speed Poison in Our Youth


Silk talks about “shedding” and Diamond’s “sudden death” at memorial – BadgerBrigante, Jan. 22


The Deceptive Campaign for Bivalent Covid Boosters… “Studies show they fail to live up to their promise, but vaccine makers and experts keep pushing them. You might have heard a radio advertisement warning that if you’ve had Covid, you could get it again and experience even worse symptoms. The message, sponsored by the Health and Human Services Department, claims that updated bivalent vaccines will improve your protection. This is deceptive advertising. But the public-health establishment’s praise for the bivalent shots shouldn’t come as a surprise. Federal agencies took the unprecedented step of ordering vaccine makers to produce them and recommending them without data supporting their safety or efficacy.” – WSJ, Jan. 22


Project Veritas has broken Pfizer’s Gain-of-Function Research Program Wide Open… “Pfizer’s research is dangerous, immoral and must be shut down now. Yesterday I was asked to be a part of the Project Veritas video that exposes a Pfizer Director discusses making a ‘Mutating’ COVID-19 virus for new vaccines via ‘Directed Evolution’ research. Of course, I was honored to help… Discussions concerning the deep evil which underlies the COVID crisis has become common among the many communities which Jill and I visit while traveling the world.” – Dr. Robert Malone, Jan. 26

Pfizer’ reveals firm manipulating COVID by “Directed Evolution” & Confrontation – Project Veritas, Jan. 30


I’ve compiled a collection of coercive artifacts from the medical and political authorities, “anti-vax” hatred, and vitriol by individuals as a reminder to never forget what the freaks subjected us to. Here are a few choice examples:

Twitter NFL Player Uche Nwanerl Ridiculed Unvaccinated Then Died Suddenly

“I Do Not Give a F*ck What Happens to Anti-Vaxxers” – Former Democrat Congressional Candidate Who Criticized Anti-Vaxxers Dies Unexpectedly After Bragging About Vaccination Status on Social Media – Gateway Pundit, Nov. 2022

Then vs. Now - The Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated Amnesty - The Atlantic


Toronto Star Newspaper Headline states no empathy for unvaccinated, let them die


Canada PM Justin Trudeau Ridicules Unvaccinated


They Told You The Vax Was Safe


Pfizer Twitter Claims mRNA Vaccine Creates Herd Immunity, They Lied

White House Statement on Winter of Illness and Death for the Unvaccinated


Music Class Practice in COVID Bubbles


Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Terminate Our Freedoms – Bongino Report, Jan. 25


A few from those who tried to warn everyone or remained patiently silent:

Exempt From Jabs


Anonymous Statement From The UnVaccinated That Were Ridiculed


Government COVID Health Advice


The Silent Ones


We Tried To Warn You - Ben Garrison Graphics


Answering Scott Adams / How did we know? – Gonzalo Lira, Feb. 2


I offer you two essays to consider that were published within the last three months. One makes a case against pandemic amnesty and the other is a cry from the medical community to admit “we were wrong about COVID” and asks for forgiveness.

Perspective: The case against pandemic amnesty… “Washing our groceries was silly. Keeping children shut out of school was harmful, and people should be held to account… What does it mean to forgive? What would that look like in practice? And, most importantly, what is the future of those who advocated for dangerously wrong pandemic mitigation strategies, strategies that harmed and continue to harm children?… And let’s have no talk of amnesty until we ensure that the arsonists are no longer running the fire department.” – DeseretNews, Nov. 2022


It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID… “As a medical student and researcher, I staunchly supported the efforts of the public health authorities when it came to COVID-19. I believed that the authorities responded to the largest public health crisis of our lives with compassion, diligence, and scientific expertise. I was with them when they called for lockdowns, vaccines, and boosters. I was wrong. We in the scientific community were wrong. And it cost lives.” – Newsweek, Jan. 30

Witch Amnesty by the Puritans


Finally, some raw humor on today’s topic and we’ll call it a night. Please visit my ongoing pandemic anthology that began in Jan. 2020.

Oops, sorry! – Paul Joseph Watson, Nov. 2022


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