When the midterm elections didn’t quite go President Trump’s way, we knew that an inevitability would arrive. The first victim of the Trump administration’s purge is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. After an acrimonious tenure straight from the get-go, Sessions now stands in the unemployment line.

As I just stated, the news hardly represents a surprise. Several weeks before the midterm elections, the American public accepted two forecasts: the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate, while Democrats will flip the House. But as the anticipated weeks turned into days, both political parties expressed hope for a decisive victory.

For the Democrats, liberal proponents proclaimed a “blue wave” would rise during the midterm elections. This claim had legitimate backing. We saw multiple celebrities pushing Democratic candidates on a consistent basis. American hero Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger championed the leftist cause.

On the other hand, Republicans believed that the polls didn’t quite show the real picture. Notably, in 2016, the statistical experts were dead-wrong about Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide. In my opinion, the Republicans were largely correct: the blue wave never came. Americans as a whole are more conservative than they are liberal or progressive.

But for Attorney General Sessions to keep his job, he needed more. Without a Republican victory in the Senate and the House, he was living on borrowed time.


Sessions Reflects Deep-seated Conservative Fears

Folks can read between the lines when it comes to why Trump fired Jeff Sessions. As you’ll recall, Sessions conspicuously recused himself from the Russian-meddling investigation. That infuriated the President, and he let the world know through Twitter and public statements.

At the time, though, Trump at least tolerated Sessions. His administration found controversy at every corner, and he didn’t need more unnecessary drama. So long as Republicans controlled the government, Trump was safe from impeachment hearings.

Now, the Democrats are coming at the White House guns blazing. We haven’t even had a full 24 hours to digest the entire midterm-elections results, but already, key Democrats are calling for impeachment. The President knows how unpopular he is with the left, so he had no choice but to fire Sessions.

But this immediate firing also makes you wonder if any truth exists to the meddling accusations. A truly innocent person would welcome a thorough investigation of the facts to fully confirm innocence. Whatever the case is, the optics are poor: Trump appears a man that’s afraid of justice.

On a long-term scale, the Democrats are in position to render a critical blow. If Trump is guilty, this could set back the conservative movement for decades, if not permanently. Of course, this is a big “if,” but the specter should concern every freedom-loving American.