One of the latest controversies impacting religious freedom is the proposed California bill AB2943, which effectively states that attempts to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality should be illegalized. The state already bans such initiatives for homosexuals under the age of 18, but AB2943 will remove all age restrictions.

What makes this new California bill so controversial is that it would ban all services and good associated with homosexual therapy; that is, any Christian book, perhaps including the Holy Bible, may be affected. Due to the broad nature of AB2943, authors and publishing house that write and distribute Christian-themed books could be sued if used in homosexual therapies.

But a major red-flag is noted in the language of California bill AB2943. It states, at the very top, that:

Contemporary science recognizes that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, disorder, or illness.

On the contrary, contemporary science does not recognize homosexuality as part of the “natural spectrum of human identity.” For years, politically-biased scientists have searched for the so-called “gay gene,” but to no avail. Thus, announcing on an official document that reseachers have recognized the scientific validity of homosexuality is not only fake news, it’s fake science.

To further support this counterclaim, the very liberal Newsweek reported the following:

A new study in a major journal has found a weak association between several genes and sexual orientation. However, that doesn’t mean that science has identified a “gay gene” or anything like it—and some scientists have cautioned against overinterpreting the findings.

Interestingly, this recent study conducted last year was the first analysis attempting to correlate homosexuality with the human genome that was peer reviewed. This is especially important as it implies that previous studies were non-peer reviewed, and thus, could contain fake science.

Indeed, the inclusion of peer-review is absolutely critical. In a previous Crush The Street article, I noted that a physics professor with multiple decades of experience flubbed what should be a fundamental explanation of our earth.

The professor’s article was not peer reviewed. If it were, he would be quickly corrected. But without the oversight from the particular field or industry’s experts, anything could be asserted without being properly challenged. Thus, erroneous data, or fake science, remains in the aforementioned article. Worse yet, many people will be deceived.

Unfortunately, the same deception is occurring with California bill AB2943. The attack on homosexual therapies is based on the assumption that homosexuality is “genetically normal.” However, the real science indicates that no such statements can be made decisively.