Protesters are making Republican law makers lives miserable. They have begun to show up in their hometowns and at town halls that republicans hold for their constituents. Across the country these acts are repeating themselves. In California, Tom Mclintock needed a police escort to get through to a town hall he was holding. In an email to The Hill he said these protest “was something very different” compared to the days of Occupy Wall Street movement.

Rep. Peter Roskam, who was attending a meeting in his district about the repeal of the affordable care act, was met by many demonstrators from organizations opposed to his leadership. Also, there were hundreds of protesters a few blocks away from Speaker Paul Ryan to protest Trump’s executive order on immigration.

These protests have many democrat organizations excited and drawing parallels to the Tea Party movement that swept the country in 2010. With recent events like the Women’s march in Washington D.C, the day after the inauguration of President Trump, or the protest of the executive order that Trump issued on immigration, that had scores of people showing up at airports around the country to stand in unity with immigrants who couldn’t get into the country, liberals are motivated to stand up to a President that they feel has been discriminatory towards women and minorities. However, Sean Spicer feels like these protest are not an organic movement but paid protesters.

“Protesting has become a profession now,” Spicer said. “They have every right to do that, don’t get me wrong. But I think we need to call it what it is. It’s not these organic uprisings that we have seen over the last several decades. The Tea Party was a very organic movement. This has become a very paid, Astroturf-type movement.”

Mr. Spicer has no proof that these protesters are paid, but without a doubt the left is organized and very vocal about being a counter to a Trump administration and his Republican allies. These protests will continue to dominate the news and this may be disheartening and tiresome to people, but this is just a tactic used by the left to make it seem like they have more power than they actually have. They can’t stop President Trump and his administration in Washington so they must try and intimidate his allies at home.

Republicans must remember that they won in the election and that they have been winning since 2010. They control the Senate the House and the Presidency and are on their way to securing a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. The American people have handed them a mandate. They have rejected liberal policies consistently at election time. They have a President who is willing to stand up to the leaders of the protests and enact actual change. They need to stand by Mr. Trump and support him and not be cowed by bullies, rioters and the liberal media or they risk losing the majorities they have in Washington.