In recent days, the migrant crisis has escalated to an unprecedented level. Overwhelmed with the irrationally-intense pressure, President Trump threatened to close down the U.S.-Mexico border this week. Although well-known for his boisterous personality, the present circumstances suggest that he’s not joking.

Throughout his administration, the President has notoriously called for building a border wall. But when Republicans lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats, that proposition became extraordinarily tricky. In response, Trump has threatened to force the issue as a national security mandate. However, that move has its own repercussions.

But wall or no wall, it’s clear that something needs to be done. According to The New York Times, Border Patrol agents will likely have apprehended over 100,000 migrants. Even more startling, another massive group stands ready to bombard our territory.

Throughout this migrant crisis, we’re forgetting the real victims: our brave men and women who serve in the Border Patrol.

The Unsung Heroes in the Migrant Crisis

Primarily, what gets me about the migrant crisis and the Border Patrol is that none of these agents asked for this predicament. Of course, no one wants to see children separated from their families. Nor do they wish to further frustrate those who have nothing left.

However, Border Patrol agents have a job to do. While they may sympathize with the humanitarian crisis – who doesn’t? – they can’t let down their guard. Like other members in the government services, they swore an oath to the Constitution, and to protect American lives.

Allowing migrants to flagrantly overstep the rule of law will only embolden others to do the same. More critically, the U.S. simply does not have the resources to help millions of migrants. We already have more than enough people here, and yet we’re $22 trillion in the hole. How much deeper in debt will we be if we accept everyone who wants in?

A Ticking Timebomb

Unfortunately, we may find out soon enough how long the Border Patrol can stave off the migrant crisis.

Last week, federal agents took well over 13,000 migrants into custody. Under normal circumstances, apprehending 4,000 people is a high number, while 6,000 represents a disaster. But more than double that figure? It’s unfathomable how the Border Patrol will survive.

Therefore, President Trump has no choice but to shut down the border. While it will hurt economically, not doing so will draw us closer to a ticking timebomb. In that scenario, everyone hurts, not just the migrants.