Among the rich laws and traditions of our nation, one concept has proven especially prescient: the separation of church and state. Despite my own faith and significant understanding of religious customs, our institutions operate best outside religious controls. However, one segment – the military industrial complex – remains alarmingly and anachronistically tied to religious dogma.

Principally, the danger underpinning all religions is the absence of quantifiable evidence. For instance, within Christian denominations, we have zero data that prayer works. While evangelicals adamantly offer their counterarguments, their own doctrines contradict their objections. For instance, Christians learn to never put God to the test, and that God is not a personal, prayer-answering genie.

That’s all fine and well. However, by that very logic, one cannot quantify God: the Almighty answers when he chooses to answer. Therefore, every experiment on prayer renders itself invalid.

Naturally, most rational people instinctively understand this point. That’s why most functions within society have imposed – rightfully, in my opinion – separation between church and state. However, the military industrial complex remains a curious anomaly. Through religious circular logic and a cult-like mentality, our Defense Department justifies a host of armed conflicts and invasions.

Admittedly, the Christian religion dominates our spiritual discourse through fear. While evangelical leadership preaches that “Jesus is love,” the penalty for not believing (obeying) Jesus is hell, or eternal damnation. With such stark pathways, what choice do congregants have?

In a similar fashion, the military industrial complex preaches patriotism to justify their arms build-up. Invariably, though, fear represents the most effective driver. That’s why “keeping the (insert name here) away” is such an effective tool.

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    Religiosity of the Military Industrial Complex Suffocates Free Thought

    Do you want to trigger a religious person? Present a key contradiction in their faith utilizing their own “holy book” and enjoy the fireworks.

    Within evangelical Christianity, more than a few triggers exist. Perhaps the biggest and most conspicuous is the Sabbath day. Clearly, the Old Testament states that Saturday is the Sabbath. The Christians’ justification for a “Sunday Sabbath” stems from the erroneous belief that the Apostle Paul changed the day.

    However, that notion is patently absurd. Frequently, Paul describes himself in humble terms. Changing the Sabbath day – something only God can do – represents profound hubris. Moreover, the original Sabbath is baked into the Law. In reality, Sunday worship is a sin as God cannot contradict himself.

    Tell that to any Christian leader, and they steadily become enraged. Why the anger? Because you peeled the layers of religious lunacy and revealed the truth.

    Politically, the military industrial complex enjoys the same hegemony. Question the need to overstock our military forces with excessive weaponry, and you’ll encounter vicious criticism. A particularly damaging attack is that you’re unpatriotic. This is equivalent to modern-day McCarthyism.

    Here, the anger is real and has an equally identifiable catalyst: an existential threat. If you question the military industrial complex, you necessarily impugn its gravy train. This gravy train enriches defense contractors and military officers, blurring the true motives for serving one’s country.

    But just like religion, the aura behind the military industrial complex levers significant power and influence. That’s why you can’t ask important questions without sharp consequences; hence, we continue to ride this dangerously unproductive merry-go-round.


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