It didn’t take long for protesters of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban to get the ball rolling. On Friday, ” US District Judge James Robart in Seattle ruled that Washington state and Minnesota had standing to challenge Trump’s order,” according to the Associated Press. This morning, the State Department declared that the provisional revocation of visas has been reversed.

On cue, Donald Trump tweeted his outrage over the federal restraining order that effectively negated his “Muslim ban.” The President — in typical, biting Trump fashion — stated that ” The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Donald Trump tweet

Curiously, the federal judge that issued the restraining order was appointed by former President George W. Bush. As you’ll recall, shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack, then President Bush declared that Islam is a “religion of peace.” At the time, Bush was concerned about the rise in hate crimes that targeted people perceived to be Muslims. His religion of peace comment were well-intentioned, but we know where that path typically leads.

As 9/11 becomes a fading memory, we forget that we are at war with a hateful ideology. In the last few years, we have seen horrific acts of terrorism, not only in our borders, but across the world. Indeed, any country that does not have an immigration ban, or a strict policy on vetting, is at risk for becoming victims of radicalization and extremism. Labeling a hateful ideology as peaceful may sound great politically, but it does nothing for the safety and security of a nation.

Critics have labeled Donald Trump’s executive order as a discriminatory Muslim ban, but whether it’s a Muslim ban or an immigration ban, or an extreme vetting process simply doesn’t matter. Words mean nothing — action is everything. And in this sense, the federal judge who started the process of the restraining order effectively endangered American lives for the convenience of foreigners.

There are a few exceptions for the executive order that should be granted. Those that have aided American efforts in combating terrorism should be granted safe-haven — absolutely no questions asked. But for the millions of refugees and immigrants seeking to gain entry into the U.S., we have a legal and moral obligation to ask one question — why?

The U.S. is a gay country. The LGBTQ community has more rights than the overwhelmingly majority “heterosexual community.” Not only that, we celebrate LGBTQ behaviors and trends as alternative expressions of relational love. Attacking the institution of LGBTQ-ism is tantamount these days to an assault on our Constitution.

Understanding how intractably gay we are, why would anyone who professes faith in a religion that calls for the outright murder of LGBTQ members want to live here? Could it possibly be that there are ulterior motives involved?

No American citizen has the right to proliferate literature and teachings that promote violence — under the law, these are considered “fighting words.” In fact, Christian pastors have been harassed by government agencies for refusing to marry LGBTQ couples based on religious principles. Yet for some reason, calling for the murder of LGBTQ couples is considered reasonable, so long as such violence emanates from a “religion of peace.”

The restraining order against Trump’s immigration ban is just another example of how far gone the leftist position has become. We are now a conflicted nation that apparently sees moral equivalence in every ideology, no matter how harmful.