Revisited JERUSALEM! The Hamas in the Box Effect

The fluidity and ramifications of the situation developing between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip this weekend will likely outdate the publishing of this article within a day. Due to the lengthy history of ethnic, religious, and political conflicts in the region, it is impossible to cover every aspect or argument surrounding this new war that caters to every reader’s point of view amid unprecedented polarization in today’s world. I encourage readers to first peruse “JERUSALEM! The Hamas in the Box Effect” published in December 2017 where I provided a brief history of Jerusalem ending with Israel’s borders before and after the 1967 Arab/Israeli Six Day War. At that time, former president Trump had formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and was in the process of moving the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Here was my opening statement:

“The world is on fire again. This hot spot could ‘trump’ them all.” – TraderStef

Israel had attempted to initiate peace through diplomacy with Palestinians when the government approved Ariel Sharon’s unprecedented plan of disengagement from Gaza in 2004. A democratic election process that followed in 2006 set the stage for Hamas to govern Gaza, and a cycle of terror and war eventually returned with a vengeance.

Hamas in the Box - by Jim Sinclair, 2006

Hamas in the Box – by Jim Sinclair, 2006

What is Hamas?… “Hamas published a charter in 1988 that included a call to ‘obliterate’ the state of Israel and to install a new Islamic society. The charter was amended in 2017, softening its language around Israel, though the new policy still does not recognize Israel as a state.” – Business Insider, Oct. 7, 2023

What occurred earlier this week in Jerusalem appears to be overlooked or intentionally ignored in the whirlwind of legacy media reporting this weekend on Hamas’ invasion and brutal acts of terrorism in southern Israel. It is not a coincidence that the attack on Israel is on the anniversary of the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War, aka known as the Yom Kippur War.

Over 800 Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa compound during Jewish Sukkot holiday… “More than 800 Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday morning under the protection of Israeli forces. Rabbis, heads of settlement associations, and far-right university lecturers were among 832 people who forced their way into the religious site compound… Israeli forces imposed severe restrictions on Muslim worshippers and those under 60 were prevented from accessing the site. It comes during the Jewish religious holiday of Sukkot, which started on 29 September and ends on Friday. The holiday has seen thousands of Israeli extremists storm the Al-Aqsa compound, with almost 1,500 entering the site on Monday… Some Jews believe that the compound is the site of a Jewish temple believed to have existed there in ancient times. Many Jewish extremists wish to either destroy the mosque and replace it with a temple or divide the site between Muslims and Jews in terms of time and space available. While non-Muslims can visit the sacred site, prayer at Al-Aqsa is reserved for Muslims alone under the longstanding status quo agreement governing the compound.” – The New Arab, Oct. 5


Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… “This morning, the Islamic Jihad group announced the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, igniting another local war against Israel. They formally cited regular oppression and attempts on Al-Aqsa as reasons, where local Arab worshippers have been repressed repeatedly (in addition, there have been raids against the Islamic Jihad in Jenin over the past few weeks). The operation began quite dramatically: a naval landing was carried out in the north of the Gaza Strip, and there are also reports of airborne landings into rear cities. The whole thing was done in a very traditional Arab jihad style.” – @RybarForce, Oct. 7

Map of Hamas Military Operation into Israel - RYBAR, Oct. 7, 2023

Map of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict –, Oct. 7

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It’s being reported this morning that yesterday’s attack by Hamas resulted in the death of over 700 Israelis and wounded more than 2,000 thus far. At least 250 bodies were found today at the Israeli Supernova festival, which was overrun by Hamas on Saturday. There are a vast number of images and videos of the attacks in mainstream media and lesser-known platforms that do not censor content. They all elicit outrage over those that were subjected to brutal, cold-blooded murder as well as many citizens, military, and foreign nationals that were taken as hostages. If you are secretly cheering the slaughter and rape of innocent women and children from the sidelines, you’re part of the problem by glorifying the animals and indiscriminate murder.

Hamas March

Hamas March


I hesitantly post the image of a bus stop drive-by shooting and two graphic videos linked to their source. There are numerous verified reports of Americans and other nationalities that were murdered or taken hostage.

Bus Stop Murder by Hamas in Israel




One of the first airstrikes in Gaza by Israel in response was its tallest building that housed media outlets and communication towers in Gaza City.

Israeli airstrike flattens Palestine Tower after Hamas attack – AP, Oct. 7


Israel has formally declared war for the first time since 1973 and named its operation “Iron Swords.” The Israel National Security Council approved the state of war under Article 40 of the Basic Government Law.

Israeli ambassador calls Hamas attack on Israel ‘truly unprecedented’: ‘This is our 9/11’Fox News, Oct. 7


Saudi Arabia blames Israel for ‘unprecedented’ Hamas terror attackWashington Examiner, Oct. 7


Hamas Says Attacks on Israel Were Backed by Iran… “Iranian security officials helped plan Hamas’s Saturday surprise attack on Israel and gave the green light at a meeting in Beirut last Monday” – Wall Street Journal, Oct. 8


U.S. is sending a carrier strike group closer to Israel and will begin supplying munitionsNBC News, Oct. 8


“A bad time to have a dementia patient in the Oval Office who is steered by a mix of cocktail party sycophants and hysterical true believers who think vintage Lynyrd Skynyrd tee shirts are the greatest threat to America.” – @SpiritofPines, Oct. 8

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari gave a short press conference today. This is the end for Hamas in the Gaza strip.


On Israel’s northern border, the IDF destroyed Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon that fired upon IDF radar stations with mortars. Hezbollah made it clear yesterday that if Israel launches a ground war into the Gaza Strip, they will attack from the north. The Taliban in Afghanistan reached a deal with Iran to allow their armed forces to cross the country. They claim they will “conquer Jerusalem” if countries in the Middle East grant passage. Iraq has not made any public statement, and Jordan has explicitly barred the Taliban from entering the country. The IDF is currently evacuating civilians from the Gaza border region in preparation of a ground invasion into Gaza. Electricity and the delivery of all goods provided by Israel to Gaza have been cut off.

Beware of the potential for sleeper-cell terrorism to break out across Europe and the U.S. Poland is the first country that launched an evacuation of its citizens out of Israel. WW3 is no longer brewing – it is boiling over. I will close shop this evening with some balanced and wise advice out of Canada.

Total Chaos Is Erupting, Lebanon, Iran, Russia – Canadian Prepper, Oct. 8


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Revisited JERUSALEM! The Hamas in the Box Effect

Revisited JERUSALEM! The Hamas in the Box Effect