Compared to most folks, I’m somewhat of a luddite when it comes to technology. I’m not too hot on the latest social media trends. Admittedly, I was very slow on adopting smartphones and similar smart devices. Now that I think about it, I refused cell phones for the longest time.

True to my established behavior, I didn’t catch on with Uber and Lyft until very late into their development. By the time I first took a ride on Uber, the company was just months away from launching its initial public offering. But once I did, I truly understood the meaning of the sharing economy. It’s everything you’d expect a progressive society to have, except for one curious relic: gender discrimination.

For all the talk about gender equality and closing the pay gap, women don’t drive for Uber. For all the number of times that I’ve utilized their services, I’ve never once had a female driver. Mind you, I don’t really care – my biggest priority is arriving to my destination safely.

Still, in such a progressive time in American history, this perhaps self-inflicted gender discrimination is an oddity.

That said, this gender discrimination points to another reality about ride-sharing apps: women desperately need their own independent, viable and exclusive platform within the sharing economy.


Why Gender Discrimination Is a Moral Positive

Men are the biggest pieces of sh-t on this planet.

Sure, some women can be terrible actors. But for the most part, all the wars, genocides and bloodshed that have ravaged humanity has been perpetuated by men.

And don’t think for a second that I’m trying to impress women with my words. I’m just speaking the truth. Why do fathers everywhere have a skeptical (and aggressive) stance on whom is taking their daughter out for the night? Instinctively, fathers know that men are pieces of sh-t because they’re men themselves.

To put it bluntly, it’s hard to trust someone with a Y chromosome.

But what Uber or Lyft is doing now is asking women to trust complete male strangers. No good man would let their daughter date anyone without going full CIA on the suitor’s hind end. Certainly, he would not trust a third party to handle this awesome responsibility.

Unfortunately, the sad and growing tales of male Uber drivers abusing women confirms that the sharing economy requires “gender discrimination.” By allowing women to serve other women, it dramatically reduces the threat that male drivers would pose.

However, society is hung up on the concept of discrimination. That’s because gender discrimination opens the door to the biggest no-no to the leftists: racial discrimination. Therefore, in the name of political correctness, we’ll continue to push the narrative that men are the same as women.

That’s true even if it’s killing women to do so.