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    Since the e-cigarette platform rapidly evolved from niche practice to mainstream hysteria in less than a month, both the federal and state governments have forwarded a disastrous solution to the growing health crisis. Rather than properly addressing the root of the situation, they have instead proposed – and in some cases imposed – vaping bans.

    We only need to look at our own sorry history of government-endorsed bans to recognize their effectiveness. Most notably, vaping proponents point to the Prohibition era as supporting evidence. Certainly, we see parallels with not only Prohibition but the events leading up to it. Before politicians codified the alcohol ban, multiple states imposed their own injunctions.

    With vaping bans, we’re already repeating the mistakes of old. At time of writing, Washington is the latest state to propose an executive order against flavored vaping products. The governor asked the state’s health department to use its emergency authority. This follows Massachusetts’ executive action to prohibit all vaping product sales for a period of four months.

    Curiously, the momentum for vaping bans has only gotten stronger despite evidence indicating that the e-cigarette platform isn’t the culprit. Instead, as vaping proponents have argued, (illegally sourced) cannabis vapes is the true casual factor.

    Not only that, other countries have weighed in on the debate, and not to our government bodies’ favor.


    The U.K. Mocks Our Vaping Bans

    You’d think that if vaping was a serious problem, the British would be among the first to crack down. According to The Guardian, U.K. smoking rates have declined substantially, pleasing national health officials. Anything that would upset this dynamic would be met with severe backlash.

    Yet they’re not at all sympathetic to American efforts to stop vaping. In fact, prior to this health crisis, U.K. officials encouraged vaping, stating that the practice could save lives. That’s a dramatic reversal from the American mainstream, where the message is that vaping kills.

    Strikingly, Dr. John Britton, director of the U.K. Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at the University of Nottingham, stated that the U.S. pushing vaping bans is “complete madness.” Apparently, Britton understands our own history better than we do. He stated, “The reality with smoking is, if you tell people to stop vaping, they will go back to tobacco and tobacco kills.”

    One of the reasons why the British have a rational approach to the vaping issue is their scientific methodologies. Based on ample research, nothing indicates that nicotine itself is harmful. However, we have a library of material that proves combustible tobacco smoking kills.

    Unfortunately, rationality in America died a long time ago. These vaping bans are microcosms of what can and will happen next.