Once in a great while, I make a discovery so compelling that I feel the need to announce it to the world.

But let’s back up for a moment. If you’ve been following my picks for a while, you know I’ve got a track record to uphold. I’ve helped a lot of people make a lot of money, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So, if I’m going to announce my next pick, it had better be a really good one – backed my deep research.

It’s not often that I pound the table about a company like the one I’m going to tell you about today. It’s a company in a tech sector known as AI, or artificial intelligence. Some call it machine learning, and it’s taking a foothold in all aspects of our lives.

If there ever was a growth industry, this is it. Check out the chart below, which illustrates the astounding expected rise in global revenues from AI for enterprise applications:

As you can see, these AI-generated revenues are expected to increase from $1.62 billion in 2018 to a whopping $31.2 billion in 2025. Artificial intelligence already has myriad applications in a wide range of fields, such as employee recruitment and screening, prediction and prevention of security threats, patient data processing in the health care industry – you name the problem, and it’s very likely that the AI field already has a solution for it.

It has gotten to the point where business cannot resist the advent of artificial intelligence any longer. Firms that choose not to implement machine learning into their business models will soon be left behind. In fact, it would be a real challenge to find a successful business that isn’t already using AI in multiple ways, possibly without even knowing it.

Think about it: If your business has a modern security system, then you’re almost certainly using AI. If your business uses automated data analysis or customer segmentation, you’re probably using AI.

Business owners are catching on to the massive power of AI, knowing that they must use it in order to stay competitive. Take a look at some of the reasons businesses around the globe have been adopting AI:

Business owners know that AI adoption is a must if they are going to reduce costs, keep customers happy, and maintain a competitive advantage. And yet, we’re only in the infancy stage of the machine learning revolution. There’s still time to capitalize on the global takeover of AI – if you know how and where to position yourself.

For months I collaborated with Lior Gantz from Wealth Research Group, who has posted his own research report on this same topic HERE, and we both agreed that the right way to profit from AI is through a position in a truly committed company – a pure AI play is what we’d been looking for. And, I’m glad to announce that our team at Crush the Street has pinpointed one company and one stock that is destined to ride the unstoppable tidal wave of AI technology.

The only company that met all of my extremely strict rules for investing is Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE, OTC: LVVEF). I’m revealing this to you because the time to get in isn’t a year from now or five years from now, when the mainstream media is whipped into a frenzy about AI – by then it will undoubtedly be too late to catch the best part of the wave. Crush the Street is about getting into the best opportunities before the ship has sailed, and believe me – this ship will sail.

The Globalive IPO happened very recently, and I’m looking forward to watching this company grow into the next Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft. Our exclusive no-cost report on AI and how you can profit from it can be downloaded right now at CrushTheStreet.com/live. Stay tuned as I’ll be tracking the parabolic rise of this incredible sector and company.

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