Seemingly, the crypto crash has no floor. At time of writing, the benchmark bitcoin price keeps falling lower and lower, almost as if every single bull and ardent optimist disappeared off the face of the earth. This indicates that even the supposed long hands are long gone.

If that’s the case, they need to reconsider the fundamentals that first got the bitcoin price to $5,000 and beyond. Whatever happened to the battle cry for decentralization? The ability to foster a new, digital economy, one based on meritocracy, and not a cleptocracy? I knew that the Johnny-come-latelys would fly for the first exit they saw.

I didn’t expect the original blockchain proponents to blink amid the crypto crash.

No matter! Those who are selling out — especially at personal losses — are not only making a big mistake, they’re being played like fools. Clearly, the establishment is waging an all-out war against the blockchain, generating as much FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) as possible to kill the bitcoin price.

Moreover, by sparking the crypto crash, many more people are detracted from the real crisis — the rapidly falling U.S. dollar, and the U.S. government’s loss of global economic hegemony.

But make no mistake about! International governing bodies can issue their decrees and their mandates, but they — particularly the western world — know they’re on borrowed time. The artificially propped up fiat empire is the true house of cards.

The blockchain is undoubtedly, intractably the future. The elites recognize this, and the establishment have spent their last shot chipping away at the bitcoin price. They may have won the nearer-term battle, but the war is already lost to them.

The shocking “success” of their FUD campaign is only for the elites’ favorable entry into this market. By selling and panicking like a moron, you are only helping their cause.

Thus, the only proper course of action — besides buying these incredible discounts — is to ride out the storm. If you hadn’t sold when the bitcoin price was at $10,000 or above, getting out now is far too risky. Any bit of positive news could generate a spike rally, given the unusually irrational trading we have seen.

For those that have been faithfully “HODLing,” I say, well done friends! Just know and have the confidence that our time will come soon enough.