Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXI: The Crocus

It has only been three days since penning the “Napoleonic Folly” for Part XX (Twitter thread) and noting that additions to this series had quickened. Last evening, Russia suffered a “barbaric terrorist act” to its civilian population that will likely manifest a dramatic shift from Russia’s initial strategy against NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. The attack unfolded at Crocus City Hall in northwest Moscow, which houses a large concert hall and public shopping mall. The casualties were innocent victims of cold-blooded murder at point-blank range in a mass shooting binge, and the slain or wounded include children, teenagers, and women. As of this morning, at least 133 people are reported dead and 150 wounded with some in critical condition.

Crocus Folklore & Magical (Witchcraft) Uses … “The spring crocus flower… In ancient Greek legend, Crocus was a human man. The nymph Smilax was in love with him, but, ever the f’ckboy, Crocus was dissatisfied with the affair. The gods turned him into a saffron crocus. Another version of this story claims Crocus was a companion of Hermes. Unfortunately, he stood up at an inopportune time during a discus throwing match, and Hermes accidentally killed him. As Crocus’ blood fell on the soil, saffron crocuses sprang up… A London source claimed that picking crocuses tended to ‘draw away the strength.’ Therefore, only strong men or healthy young women should attempt to.” – Marble Crow


“Just like the Nazis once carried out massacres in the occupied territories, they decided to stage a show execution, a bloody act of intimidation. All perpetrators, organizers, and orchestrators will suffer fair and inevitable punishment. Whoever they are, whoever guides them… [they] await unenviable fate, retribution, and oblivion.” – Vladimir Putin

Putin’s national address on the terror attack – Kanal13, Mar. 23


Footage of Moscow Concert Hall Shooters – Renard, Mar. 22


FSB Map of Terrorist Escape Route

Terrorist Escape Route and Capture Point – SptesnaZ007


Suspect Detained by Russian Special Forces, FSB – RT


I am disgusted by the brutality and immaturity seen on all fronts. What got my panties in a bunch late yesterday, aside from evil inhumanity and the brutal nature of what scrolled across my LCD screen, was the ridiculous echo chamber across mainstream and alternative media that immediately parroted ISIS narratives along with concocted theories about who did what and why. Most disappointing were popular alternative sources that embraced what it purports to resist, such as regime narratives, fake news, lies, misinformation, and disinformation. They lost their damned minds as if 9/11, pandemic coercion, lawfare, financial criminality, gaslighting, and corrupt politicos never existed. Nobody appeared to possess the decency to pause for at least 24 hours and attempt to discern what facts might come to light. Instead, they chose to dishonor murdered souls whose bodies were still warm and boarded the dopamine bus to produce clickbait for plebeians to monetarily gain from platform advertising dollars.

The first casualty of war is the truth, and Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) complicates the process of identifying it. A priority for detectives and investigative journalists is finding the source and motive for a crime: who benefits? They also keep their mouths shut until actual evidence surfaces worthy of print, broadcast, or that can be utilized to manipulate criminals via national media attention and hopefully expedite an apprehension for prosecution. Consider the following images from this afternoon.

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Crocus Terrorist on Ukraine Battlefield

Crocus Terrorist on Ukraine Battlefield – Giorgos Doukas


Crocus Terrorist, Ukraine Citizen in Ukrainian Military

Crocus Terrorist, Ukraine Citizen in Ukrainian Military – War Intel


Expect a decisive military response from Russia when all the dots are connected, and an “existential threat” to its existence is undeniable at the Kremlin. There was another kamikaze drone attack on a major Russian oil refinery complex located deep within Russian territory today in the Samara Oblast. It is not a coincidence that a lot of chatter over the last month indicated that mid-March through April would be a time of significant upheaval, and it is taking shape after the Crocus concert hall massacre that occurred within the spring equinox window when the spring crocus flower blooms.

“White House spokesperson John Kirby said earlier on Friday that there was ‘no indication at this time that Ukraine, Ukrainians were involved. The White House said it sees no signs that Ukraine or Ukrainians are involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow,’ Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. ‘On what basis do officials in Washington draw any conclusions in the midst of a tragedy about someone’s innocence?’ She said that if Washington had information, it should be shared and that if Washington had no information, it should not be talking in such a way.” – Reuters, Mar. 22

Riddle me this: the terrorists accepted a paid task from an unknown “prophet” they never actually met that preached on Telegram, and it clearly required intelligence support and planning to formulate. Why does someone travel from Turkey via Tajikistan to Moscow, slaughter innocents for a purported 500,000 rubles ($5,000 USD), and then attempt an escape route toward Ukraine instead of suicidal martyrdom? Who were they planning a rendezvous with, and where was a safe house available to hide for a while? Those men conducted a military-style group operation that they were clearly capable of executing but not good enough to escape. It is beginning to look like state-sponsored alphabet agency participation. Which country or countries will fingers point to after the final layer of a covert onion is peeled back?

CIA in Ukraine: Why is this not seen as provocation?… “An explosive New York Times exposé by Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz sheds light on major developments preceding the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. According to the report, the Ukrainian government entered a wide-ranging partnership with the CIA against Russia. This cooperation, which involved the establishment of as many as 12 secret CIA ‘forward operating bases’ along Ukraine’s border with Russia, began not with Russia’s 2022 invasion, but just over 10 years ago.” – Responsible Statecraft, Feb. 27

It is true that “we had no idea how good we had it and no clue that we were the last ones” before WW3. Stay frosty on the home front, ensure your financial house is in order, and keep the pantry well-stocked with non-perishables.

Crocus City Hall; 4 terrorists captured – Alex Christoforou (The Duran), Mar. 24 (timestamp 9:30)


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Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXI: The Crocus

Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXI: The Crocus