Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXIV: Who’s Bluffing

The geopolitical chessboard for NATO’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine has escalated much further since penning Part XXIII: “Virtue Signaling” (Twitter thread) on May 21. Most notable are the heightened rhetoric out of Europe to deploy NATO troops into Ukraine alongside military advisors and instructors who have no immunity to death, reports on how NATO is actively preparing for war and openly admitting the conflict between Moscow and Kiev must end with the defeat and breakup of the Russian Federation, and NATO members went along with Biden’s secret blessing to reverse the prohibition on Ukraine to strike deep within Russian territory using long-range missiles and other weapons provided by the collective West. Despite repeated warnings from Russian politicos and President Putin, attacks have commenced on targets deep within Russian territory that were formerly considered red lines on the road to nuclear conflict.

The U.S. is unofficially at DEFCON 3, and the situation can easily spiral out of control to level 2 much sooner than anyone might expect. Take note that Russian state TV is reporting that World War III has already begun.


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Map of Long-Range Missile Reach into Russia

Map of Long-Range Missile Reach into Russia


NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike inside Russia – The Economist, May 24


The first official use of the new authorization was a strike on sensitive military targets in Crimea with suicide drones and Russia’s over-the-horizon (OTH) early warning system radars deep inside Russia. It was the first time Ukraine attacked a target of Russia’s nuclear early warning system, which is useless for Ukraine because it detects incoming nuclear ICBMs but is very useful for NATO and the U.S. Russia has a right to consider those kind of attacks an existential threat to its national security since their doctrine allows for the use of a nuclear weapon in response. Thus far, Russia has responded by destroying numerous weapon depots and command centers across Ukraine where the Foreign Legion and NATO advisors are stationed, and it is deploying its S-500 anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft mobile weaponry in earnest, which is the most advanced in the world.

Ukraine launches major missile strike on key Russian air defense sites in Crimea… “Ukraine has launched a significant missile assault on Crimea during the night, targeting a crucial radar and air defense installation where it’s believed high-ranking officers were present. The peninsula was rocked by explosions at ten different sites, with the intense bombardment involving long-range ATACMS missiles marking one of the most severe attacks of the conflict.” – Irish Star, May 24

Ukraine attacked key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella… “The US should be seen as directly responsible for a presumed Ukrainian strike on a key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella, Senator Dmitry Rogozin has said, warning that such attacks could lead to the collapse of the entire global nuclear security architecture… The apparent attack targeted a nuclear early warning system in the southern Krasnodar Region… Rogozin said it was extremely unlikely that the strike, which Ukrainian media reported involved several drones, was carried out without US involvement… ‘The US has commissioned a crime by hiring an irresponsible bandit’ to attack Russia’s early warning system, apparently referring to Vladimir Zelensky… The attack targeted an advanced Voronezh radar station in the city of Armavir, which went into operation in 2013. The system can detect incoming cruise and ballistic missiles at a range of 6,000km and can track up to 500 targets.” – RT, May 25

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Russia’s Nuclear Umbrella Attacked by Ukraine-NATO – Defense Updates, Jun.2


Anyone familiar with Russian history and has followed this conflict over the last few years clearly understands that Putin is not bluffing. It appears the only bluff is what originates out of NATO and the U.S. since the West is hell-bent on provoking Russia into a hot conventional war at minimum because strategies on the financial front including sanctions, with domestic politics, and in the meat grinder are failing miserably.

Hungary PM Viktor Orbán reassesses NATO membership: “The prime minister expressed his alarm over the preparations for direct military conflict in Brussels and Washington. ‘What is happening now in Brussels and Washington is a preparatory atmosphere for direct military conflict.’ He criticized the lack of focus on preventing further destruction and questioned why the conflict isn’t being isolated as a war between two Slavic nations.” – About Hungary, May 31

Russia’s Medvedev says Moscow’s nuclear threats over Ukraine are no bluff… “Senior Russian security official Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday that Russia was not bluffing… Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council and a former Russian president, said Moscow’s conflict with the West was developing according to the worst-case scenario and that ‘nobody today can rule out the conflict’s transition to its final stage. Russia regards all long-range weapons used by Ukraine as already being directly controlled by servicemen from NATO countries. This is no military assistance; this is participation in a war against us. And such actions could well become a casus belli (an act that provokes a war).’” – Reuters, May 31

The far right made big gains in European elections. What’s next, and why does it matter?… “With a strong showing in elections Sunday, far-right forces could now influence or block joint EU-wide policies on migration, security, and climate change.” – AP, Jun. 10

The spoken and unspoken language reported across the media is also shifting. A Kremlin spokesperson called the U.S. “an enemy for the first time. This is a far cry from previous terminology that included “unfriendly states” or “opponents.” An asymmetrical and/or symmetrical response to the long-range weaponry delivered to Ukraine enabled by Western technology platforms and “instructors” was made known this month when fully-armed Russian warships arrived in Cuba while Putin tried (video) to make light of the dire situation on our doorstep.

“They came up with the idea that Russia wants to attack NATO. Have you gone completely crazy?! Stupid in general, like this table?! Who came up with this?! This is nonsense, you know! Bullshit!”

While Zelensky was galivanting in Switzerland to conjure more funds and weapons from sycophants at a so-called peace conference that Russia was excluded from, Putin delivered Russia’s terms as a final offer that could immediately end the war. Of course, the offer was ridiculed outright, which coincidentally also occurred in Dec. 2021 when Russian diplomats hand-delivered a peace initiative before resorting to military means in Ukraine that launched in Feb. 2022. Déjà vu, anyone?

This conflict is on the verge of a major escalation into WW3. NATO announced today that it’s in the process of pulling nuclear weapons out of storage and placing them on standby after Russia started “tactical nuclear drills” with hypersonic missiles near the Ukraine border. I recommend my readers be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Alastair Crooke: Putin’s Peace Initiative & Europe In Mutiny – Judge Napolitano, Jun. 17


Poland Shocks the World, NATO and EU Globalists Are Furious – Polish EU MP Grzegorz Brau Interview w/Redacted, Jun. 15


Serbia President: All signs point to a major war as “the train has left the station” – Die Weltwoche, Jun. 8


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Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXIV: Who’s Bluffing

Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XXIV: Who’s Bluffing