Telling the Peasants It’s All in Your Heads and Misinformation

When pointing out examples of menticidal activity in my article and thread that explores pandemic and ideological-related menticide, it really is just in their heads that manifests via the mouth, wordsmithing false narratives, or outright physical assault. The inventor of the mRNA platform technology that’s utilized by pharmaceutical giants to manufacture their “software of life” operating system into experimental gene-modifying jabs under the guise of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) describes the menticidal phenomenon and dictatorial mandate adherence as mass formation psychosis.

Plebes are awakening to the tyranny of misinformation shoved down their adult throats and into children’s lives without an end date. Project Veritas just released an undercover video that unveils the regulatory capture stirring the societal stew of mistrust and misinformation concerning the FDA’s role in EUA approvals. You can view that explosive video at the end of this article.

One example of our divisive new normal is the face diaper dilemma that creates its own set of questions that are irrelevant to viral contagiousness as brick-and-mortar retail patrons are confronted with outright hypocrisy and criminality. The smash and grab and petty shoplifting crime wave reached such an extreme level that grandma is forced to act against brazen criminals because the woke corporate culture has chosen to ignore the decriminalized by metropolitan politicos and write off loses on tax day as shoppers who actually pay for products are required to mask up based on medical misinformation or a soup Nazi at the door will proclaim no soup for you.

Ami Horowitz Twitter Masked at Wallgreens vs. Shoplifting Feb. 15, 2022

“Fed up with this!” – Woman confronts alleged shoplifter at BC Walmart


Australian Police Storm Catholic Mass Searching for Unmasked – SARA – “It’s as if Australia and Canada were in a race to see who could reach full fascism first. It’s OK. The Catholic Church has been around 2,000 years longer than either of them. History shows the more you attack the Church the stronger it gets.” – Jim Rickards

There is an apathetic faction in the population that sympathize with a fascist infiltration of government-owned alphabet soup agencies. A case in point is a self-proclaimed “cyber-terrorist” that’s making the rounds on social media today and bragging about his hack into private businesses to obtain personal information on individuals and doxxing that data for parliament’s progenitors, corporate cohorts, and supporters of mandated tyranny in Canada. There is an extended version of the following unhinged diatribe, and he has been identified as an anarchist affiliated with Antifa. This type of woke-inspired insanity is not ok and is dangerous vs. the peaceful Freedom Convoy folks he finds joy in destroying. But remember, congresscritters such as Jerry Nadler claimed that a fascist-inspired culture in the U.S. that loots, destroys private property, and terrorizes the private lives of law abiding citizens is just a myth. The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse made very clear of what society is facing.


Candice Bergen to Trudeau: “Let’s remind the prime minister that this is Canada, this is not a dictatorship”


The View’s Whoopi experienced exit-stage-left boomerang karma when she was surprised to have caught COVID after being fully vaccinated, but the height of irony is when her owners tossed her into the politically incorrect gulag for expressing an informed opinion on live national television. According to Whoopi, the holocaust was not just about race. She was indeed correct, as I visited the Dachau concentration camp in Germany many years ago. The prisoner list included all nationalities and was predominantly Polish due to its geographic location, the disabled, women, and children were given a high priority for extermination, the LGBT community was unacceptable but useful until starved, and the intelligence class was too wise but used for various chores that required skills or management. Anyone that did not agree or conform to an ideology was systemically euthanized, but German military officers and their favored industrial elite were allowed to marry Jewish women. Hopefully, Whoopi did some soul searching while deemed unworthy to work.

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I could go on with innumerable examples of apathetic menticide, but my main points to convey today are three elephants in a herd that’s shedding light into a very dark room filled with genocidal tendencies and psychopathic secrets the mainstream media has thus far chosen to ignore. As time goes on, the credibility of the medical establishment will be questioned with Nuremberg 2 snipping at its tail and ramifications in financial markets will be enormous. To be ignorant is to be unaware, but ignorance is when you’re exposed to a repulsive truth and choose to ignore it.

The first is an update that was added to the “Potential Insurance Industry Bust Over Excess Pandemic Deaths – Part 2,” published on Feb. 5. The interview is a three-part series, but you can begin at timestamp 11:56 in part one where Mrs. Jackson is introduced.

EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer Vax Trial Manager Tells All; Whistleblower on Data & Medical Integrity, Alleged Fraud During Covid-19 Clinical Trial; Brook Jackson’s Shocking Revelations During Her First Sit Down w/Paine & Former Blackrock’s Ed Dowd – Paine TV, Feb. 8

The second are overview bullet points taken from a new article penned by Steve Kirsch that confirms a UK funeral director’s interview and data (in my insurance industry series) on the increasing number of deaths and disabilities attributed to the mRNA jab.

Cary Watkins confirms embalmer Richard Hirschman’s story about telltale blood clots:

The third and final point is an undercover video report that exposes regulatory capture at the FDA and the Biden administration’s alleged plans for annual mRNA shots, mandatory vaccines for children, and a mission to “inoculate as many people as possible.” IMHO, Project Veritas has a squeaky clean record for accuracy and I suspect this video evidence of an FDA executive is no different. Here is Part 1 and 2:



While digging through my music archive, only one describes the covert insanity that humanity is being dealt.

Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Official Video)


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