The A.I. Freak Show Requires Your Obedience and Capital: Cellular Androids

Smartphones unified with artificial intelligence are under development and slated for distribution this year for the mass market mob of consumer zombies. A blip in the matrix is a shortage of data centers capable of supporting the A.I.-driven technology boom, and a bubblicious A.I. rally laced with “irrational exuberance” is embraced by Borg-like investors, institutional dominance, and automated trading platforms that have infested a majority of stock market trading volumes.

The financial market multiverse is not immune to the infiltration of A.I. after Wall Street institutions spent two decades investing billions into “big data”, hiring quants to assist with writing algorithms, experimenting with generative A.I. after allowing the machines to execute autonomous trades interlaced with high-frequency trading (HFT), and there’s now a race to introduce quantum-stack computing into the mix. The mob appears oblivious to the paucity of infrastructure and deficits in electricity generation due to the Green New Deal cult that blunted what’s required to support the exponential growth of “beast system” utopia. Note that joining communication between modern gadgetry and human flesh was developed a decade prior to terrified fans warning the first cyborg is born” after Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant project’s success.

Neuralink’s Clinical Trial: The PRIME Study – Neuralink, Nov. 2023


Despite an overbought condition of the Magnificent Seven and their impact on the major U.S. stock indices, there are a selection of company stocks to consider over the horizon as A.I. cellphones come to fruition. Here’s a couple excerpts to consider first from the initial “Freak Show” article published a year ago (Twitter thread):

Bing Chat Threatens Marvin von Hagen

Bing Chat Threatens Marvin von Hagen

“I hoped to encourage the younger generation to consider learning a skilled trade that’s essential and a financially sound career as a tradesman rather than pursuing the road to employment that advances tyranny and a surveillance technocracy for the political ilk’s Great Reset (Part 2 and Twitter thread) Borg (biotoxic technology, personalized genomics, and hellfire R&D within the military-industrial complex). A.I. is being utilized in NATO’s proxy war with Russia on the Ukraine battlefield where it’s busy learning the art of war. CYBERCOM and DARPA succumbed to the Borg’s fugazzi vortex many years ago with ‘sentient world simulations’ (SWS) while China is harvesting masses of data by eavesdropping on the collective West with quantum computing speed… Feel free to embrace the ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ euphemists since ‘it’s going to happen anyway’ at the behest of collective socialists and transhumanism godlessness that believes individual carbon-based life with a soul means nothing. You can also join Soylent Green cannibal collectives that already inhabit six U.S. states that’ll eventually require all ‘useless eaters’ to eat bugs for protein and ‘own nothing and be happy’… Embarking upon the dystopian path is not likely a wise decision if you value the freedom and liberties our ancestors fought for on the soil you tread. So, how excited are you about investing in A.I. without a conscience? We do not understand our own brains, yet we think we can create and control silicone sentience. We don’t even understand the brain of a worm.” – TraderStef, Feb. 2023

As a side note before continuing, Musk has found himself at odds this week with concerns over Microsoft’s tyranny and various issues surrounding Google’s Gemini A.I. that he characterized as Google’s woke bureaucratic blob.” I assume that he’s also not pleased about the EV boom going bust in the West.

Elon Musk Rants About Microsoft A.I. Censorship – Feb. 2024

Elon Musk Rants About Microsoft A.I. Censorship – Feb. 2024


Directly related to the A.I. smartphone is the following video of a checkout experience at Whole Foods that’s all-in with the war on cash bandwagon and “The Orwellian Panopticon Majority Report.” The ultimate goal of using retail outlets is to entice plebes to assist in normalizing complacency with biometrics while scanning their eyeballs or using “pay by palm” technology launched by Amazon last year for cashless transactions before the Federal Reserve deploys their cryptophant-inspired CBDC platform that’s under development.


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The ecosystem of A.I. phones will certainly revolutionize the mobile phone by implementing “on-device” A.I. processing instead of the current options that are app-driven and rely on cloud-based computing. Industry pundits are already pushing buzzwords in legacy media and technology rags that promote the “next frontier” of enhanced security, functionalities, personalized interactions, and opportunities that will evolve with further innovations. The phones will incorporate the latest advancements in microchip technology from the semiconductor industry that enable artificial intelligence capabilities, and industry giants and emerging companies are giddy to unveil A.I.-driven features that they anticipate will redefine end-user experiences and amplify dependence. That’s likely not a coincidence since worldwide smartphone shipments peaked eight years ago and experts in the field are hopeful that the industry “will return to growth in 2024 and beyond.”

Top mobile trends in 2024… “This year, generative AI features will be integrated with smartphones, and in a big way. From real-time, multi-language translation for better communication to summarizing hours of voice memos to enhancing the way our smartphone cameras gather and process light for photos and videos, we’re already seeing how the mishmash of AI and mobile computing can coalesce.” – ZDNET, Jan. 25

Peak Smartphone Era Data

Peak Smartphone Era Data


The most important tech that’s evolving with the on-device leap is enabling a smartphone to learn a user’s behavior pattern, anticipate needs, and fulfill them in real-time (aka “anticipatory computing”). Are you aware that Japan deployed pre-crime style “behavior detection” technology last summer? It is all a timely confluence of technology that will augment the West’s burgeoning surveillance state’s ability of tracking, monitoring, denying access to specific services, or disabling banking when a plebeian fails to comply with “acceptable” social behavior, bureaucratic regulations, tyrannical mandates, acceptable financial transactions, or totalitarian laws and lawfare. China implemented that level of control with its social credit system (aka social credit score) that deployed about five years ago and is intentionally branded as “Skynet” to remind citizens of the first “Terminator” movie that premiered in 1984. Hopefully, concerns over privacy, security, and the ethical use of A.I. for cellphones will be a subject of intense debate sooner than later rather than complacency amid the plague of normalcy bias. The following video report from China was highlighted in Part 1 of “The Naked Emperors’ Great Reset” published in Nov. 2020.

“Where is the potential model for such tyranny that relinquishes your inalienable rights and violates your sovereign physical body? Look no further than China’s Skynet.” – TraderStef

How China Tracks Everyone – Vice News, Dec. 2019


Smartphone makers are set to cash in on the current trend and are flaunting their latest gadgetry at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Spain this week, which is the largest mobile industry trade show in the world. Qualcomm and MediaTek have launched chipsets to enable the processing power needed for on-device A.I. that can sift through massive amounts of data linked to language models and generative A.I. chatbots. Qualcomm’s flagship microchip is the Snapdragon 8, a 3rd-generation chipset that is claimed to have a 20% improvement in CPU power, 30% in GPU, and 41% in NPU (neural processing unit). NPU is the most critical cog in the wheel that allows a device to perform generative A.I. tasks with power-efficiency.

Deutsche Telekom has showcased an app-less A.I. smartphone concept on its “T-phone” device and the user interface was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Brain. Samsung announced its line of Galaxy S24 smartphones last month that feature generative A.I. tools with on-device processing combined with cloud-based servers for day-to-day tasks. It’s powered by Samsung’s first consumer A.I. model, Galaxy AI, and it runs atop Google’s Gemini and Imagen 2.

Samsung announced its new Galaxy S24 lineup with AI-powered photo editing, search features… “The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at a price of $1,300, the S24+ will cost $1,000, and the S24 will retail at $800. Samsung is banking on its AI-powered features to inject some excitement into a smartphone market that has been stagnant in recent years… S24 Ultra, which is the company’s biggest of the three devices and comes with punchier specs and features, Samsung is using a version of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 optimized for Galaxy. The company is using a mix of Qualcomm systems-on-chips (SoCs) and its own Exynos chipset for its S24 and S24+ models.” – CNBC, Jan. 17


“I can tell you that in 5-10 years from now, nobody from us will use apps anymore,” said CEO Tim Hoettges in a keynote presentation at the MWC tech conference in Barcelona” – CNA Business, Feb. 26

MWC Barcelona 2024 – Day 1 Highlights


Meanwhile, China’s Huawei is building a secret network for chip manufacturing with its semiconductor fabrication facilities across China with $30 billion in state support. On this side of the Pacific, Intel, TSMC, and Samsung are demanding the Biden administration to double funding for the ongoing buildout of microchip manufacturing facilities in the U.S. The scene is getting spicy in technology while chaos brews on the financial, domestic, and geopolitical fronts. Have fun doing your own research and due diligence in identifying investment opportunities in the A.I. smartphone niche without mutating into the Borg during this phase of the freak show.

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