When Donald J. Trump emerged onto the political scene three-and-a-half years ago, he represented something that no other could: a breath of fresh air. The real-estate mogul and former reality TV star told it like it was. If he had a filter, he abandoned it decades ago.

This was exactly what mesmerized both conservative and independent voters. For once, a politician running for the highest office of the land refused to offer the same tired aphorisms. Instead, Trump spoke the plain truth, no matter how politically incorrect or downright offensive.

A clear example was his tough stance against illegal immigration. Even to this day, the President is pushing his promise to “build the wall.” However, it was his pointed accusations that illegals from Central America don’t represent the best of humanity that caught the most flack.

That and his infamous “Muslim ban” ensured that the name Donald J. Trump would always stay in the news. It was a calculated albeit risky move since the current American generation have never heard such direct and impolite language. Shockingly, the strategy worked.

Statements that would have crucified any other politician only made the Trump campaign stronger. In many cases, I agree with our President: we should, for instance, build and maintain fortifications on our southern border.

That said, this unprecedented experience has also rendered significant disappointments.


Donald J. Trump: The Man and the Myth

When the electorate penned in Donald J. Trump as the 45th Presidential administration, they knew what to expect. Primarily, he is a boisterous individual who never misses an opportunity at self-congratulation. Even in his “Apprentice” days, Trump presented a larger-than-life image.

In that regard, he delivered the goods. But the electorate apparently failed to consider Trump’s unknowns. Would he reach across the table to Democrats using his self-professed negotiating skills? Could he convince Mexico to pay for the wall? Could he convince our own government to pay for the wall?

While Trump succeeded in bringing pointed awareness to hot-button issues, he hasn’t done much. For example, the President has raged against Islamic extremists. However, his Muslim ban never included terrorism financiers like Saudi Arabia. No, we’re supposedly friends with these nutjobs.

Trump also bemoaned illegal aliens who end up hurting or murdering innocent Americans. The not-so-subtle deduction is that with a strong border, such victims would still be alive and well. Again, it’s a powerful argument, but the wall remains a fantasy. Plus, we’re not seeing any deal-making magic.

Unfortunately, Donald J. Trump is first and foremost must-watch television. Everything else is secondary.