Having learned some tough lessons in the most recent commodities bear market, I rarely issue red alerts. However, I’m about to do so on my personal YouTube channel. But at the time of writing, I haven’t even uploaded my message. Instead, I want the Crush The Street audience to know about the coming silver rush.

Indeed, I truly believe that the silver rush is already here. From my recent postings, I discussed the importance and relevance of precious metals despite the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies. Of course, the blockchain markets is a huge distraction right now to the commodities sector. Bitcoin recently popped through the $12,000 barrier. Surely, we will see a return to old highs, and likely break past it.

Naturally, most speculators will flock to cryptocurrencies for the same reason we saw in their last bull run: FOMO, or the fear of missing out. And believe me, FOMO will be incredibly strong when bitcoin pushes toward $20,000. Even getting into the five-digit mark definitely proves that this blockchain phenomenon is anything but: it’s a reality that is here to stay.

Given that powerful context, this dynamic doesn’t leave much love for gold and the precious metals complex. But that’s exactly the point. While others are chasing cryptocurrencies, this is an idea time to stack up on the silver rush before it gets too big.


Brokers Quietly Enjoying the Silver Rush

The mainstream media is a curious entity. They’re more than willing to discuss most alternative investments these days. In fact, CNBC recently reported on bitcoin’s rally above $11,000 (now nearing $13,000). But during that same piece, gold barely registered as an afterthought.

That’s fine. They wrote the piece about cryptocurrencies, not the precious metals. But I also believe it’s fair to point out that discrepancy in coverage. Gold has held safe-haven asset status for centuries. Bitcoin? It’s only been a thing for roughly a decade.

And if you thought that was bad, no one is talking about the silver rush.

But make no mistake about it: people are jumping on the precious metals bandwagon. After seeing the changes in Federal Reserve policy, I did the best thing any concerned citizen can do: buy bullion. But when I went to my local broker, the place was packed. I decided to come back a few hours later near their closing time, thinking the crowd would have died down.

Nope. Still packed.

Having no other choice, I bit the bullet. I waited, knowing that despite this inconvenience, it will probably get worse in the months ahead. Like I said, the silver rush is already here.