The Orwellian Panopticon Majority Report is Born - Part 3

Biometric surveillance technology has been spreading prodigiously around the world and in your community since I published “The Orwellian Panopticon Majority Report is Born” (Twitter thread) in Dec. 2018 and Part 2 (thread) in Apr. 2021. Here is an updated excerpt:

“Published with the intent of providing a gentle nudge to those who remain oblivious to the pervasive surveillance of our private activities, bodies, and society as a whole…  Either by convenience or coincidence, a global pandemic arose a year later that provided an unprecedented opportunity for globalists to never let a good crisis go to waste… I published ‘The Naked Emperors’ Great Reset’ (Part 1 [thread] in Nov. 2020 and Part 2 [thread] in Jan. 2023) and shed some light upon a technocratic panopticon named Skynet in China. The integration of Sensetime, biometrics, supercomputing, A.I., and social credit scoring within the Dragonfly Eye system has created the ultimate police state majority report (pun intended). In case you missed it, here is a mini-documentary that highlights how Skynet relinquishes your inalienable rights, facilitates financial transactions, and has a tech infrastructure in place that is capable of communicating with your physical body.” – TraderStef


Stunningly, a CATO Institute study released last spring found that nearly 30% of America’s Generation Z (Gen Z) aged 18 to 29, 20% of millennials aged 30 to 44, and 6% of adults 45 and older support the totalitarian scrutiny that is stealthily transforming the United States into a version of George Orwell’s book “1984” (film) where everyone is submissive to a Ministry of Truth and Big Brother. I surmise that about a third of the U.S. population has bought into the authoritarian BS under the pretext of trying to “solve” some problem or threat. Are they aware that DARPA is reading their texts to detect violations of social norms that can be used to calculate a social credit score? Do they embrace any virtues like personal responsibility or give a damn that government-mandated surveillance is a blatant violation of privacy guarantees enshrined in the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Even if an opt-out option exists, folks are so incessantly gaslighted and propagandized to the point where they have lost the common sense to recognize dictatorial tyranny with thought police and are afraid to just say no. Meanwhile, crypto cryptophants are happily standing in line to sell their soul into the digital panopticon for a token.

Thought Police


Why Gen Z is learning to love Big Brother… “In 1791, the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham proposed building a ‘panopticon’ in which people’s behavior could be monitored at all times… Cato vice president and director of polling Emily Ekins had a hunch that proved correct. She found a strong correlation: ‘more than half (53%) of those who support the U.S. adopting a central bank digital currency (CBDC) are also supportive of government surveillance cameras in home… A digital currency would allow the federal government and Federal Reserve to track every dollar Americans spend or receive… If we shudder at the thought of Big Brother’s eyes in our homes, we should also be alert to his hands in our pockets.’” – New York Post, Jun. 2023


Worldcoin: The Cryptocurrency That Scans Your Eyeballs… “After three years in development, digital ID platform Worldcoin officially launched on July 24, 2023. Co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to provide its users with a verified digital identity, plus a cryptocurrency token… Worldcoin’s platform verifies a user’s identity by scanning their iris to create personal, secure identification codes… After signing up more than 2 million users in the beta testing stage, the company claims that 16 million users have registered with Worldcoin. It is currently rolling out scanning operations in dozens of cities in 20 countries worldwide.” – Forbes, Aug. 15

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and biometrics such as facial recognition technology have been utilized by Facebook for at least a decade that collect tags and other information from photographs and videos. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others built technology into various platforms and apps that compile hordes of information on individuals and groups of people who hang out together.

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The Technology Facebook and Google Didn’t Dare Release… “Mr. Leyvand turned toward a man across the table from him. The smartphone’s camera lens — round, black, unblinking — hovered above Mr. Leyvand’s forehead like a Cyclops eye as it took in the face before it. Two seconds later, a robotic female voice declared, ‘Zach Howard.’ ‘That’s me,’ confirmed Mr. Howard, a mechanical engineer. An employee who saw the tech demonstration thought it was supposed to be a joke. But when the phone started correctly calling out names, he found it creepy, like something out of a dystopian movie.” – DNYUZ, Sep. 9

Biometric data points are being collected and stored by public and private companies, law enforcement, and government institutions that want to track you or verify who you are. The TSA and CBP’s biometric “test” pilot program is active at select airports and border crossings with CDC participation, and the NYC subway system has integrated A.I. with biometrics to track fare evasion and turnstiles. The latest opt-in software is an app that unlocks your mobile phone using facial recognition or a fingerprint. If you want to confirm your identity for a banking transaction, just look into your smartphone camera and say “cheese.” If you need to know who is knocking at the door, a video doorbell can tell you.

Other examples include but are not limited to locating missing persons, prosecuting employees who lie about hours spent at the office, billboards serving up ads based on age and sex for advertisers that have already tracked your shopping habits for years, apparel implanted with RFID microchips at retail stores and textile manufacturers, discreetly scanning your purse or wallet for magnetic strip information (get some credit card sleeves to shield your data) as you stroll down a public thoroughfare or enter a retail establishment, and Amazon’s palm scanning platform introduced at their grocery stores will spread across companies around the world.

Thieves scan credit card in woman’s purse, spend $250 at Walmart while she was inside store… “Mandy Lopez said she was shopping at a North Carolina Walmart Saturday night when she got an alert from her credit card company. They told her someone was using her card, while she had it on her.” – ABC7 NY, Jan. 2020

Last month, the European Union (E.U.) announced the approval and timing for implementing “European Digital Identity Wallets” through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). Beginning in mid-2025, you will have to first request permission to no longer require a passport stamp but embrace facial and fingerprint scans. Your biometric data will be stored in a vast government database. The rollout applies to travelers from more than 60 countries that are currently exempt from visa requirements, which is approximately 1.4 billion plebes. Last June, the World Health Organization (WHO) entered into an agreement with the E.U. to use its digital vaccine passport framework as part of a new global network of digital health certificates. Bill Gates is contributing with the launch of his “50in5” global digital infrastructure plan.

“Under the new law, the EU will offer its citizens so-called ‘digital wallets’—on a voluntary basis, at first—which will contain digital versions of their ID cards, driving licenses, diplomas, medical records, and bank account information, the European Conservative reported.” – American Greatness, Nov. 10

I had a personal experience this past summer when I just said no. While visiting an elderly neighbor at a private rehabilitation center after surgery for his shattered hip, the gestapo tactics were literally in my face. An attendant at the check-in desk informed me that masks were always required. Of course, I refused. Despite my brief “follow the science” factual defense that masking is useless and detrimental to your health, he dialed up a manager to intervene. It was then that I noticed a Fidentity facial scanning station for visitors.

Zenscan Facial Recognition System

Zenscan Facial Recognition System


While waiting for the manager, a couple strolled in and happily scanned their faces and eyeballs, signed the digital screen, and put on a face diaper. What a freakshow. While they were busy with submitting to Big Brother, the manager yelled from far down the hallway and said my friend was in the room next to where she was standing. I put on a free and useless surgical mask, jetted down the hall, and into his private room where I immediately removed the mask. When I left, I stopped by the check-in desk without a mask and informed the attendant that I DO NOT do biometrics and briskly exited the building.

That’s my story.

A Deal With the Digital Devil… “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was made flesh. And the flesh learned to code. Then the code learned to code… We find ourselves locked in a global asylum where the lunatics have taken over. It is less like a conspiracy and more like collective dementia—a slow mental decline that renders us oblivious to what is unfolding around us. While we were tending to our day-to-day lives, struggling to maintain stable societies, they were busy wiring the place with surveillance devices. Tech companies have scraped our souls and made warped digital twins out of our essence. Using those data, they manipulate our politics and financial systems, control information flow, and hypnotize young and old alike. Their smartphones are our straitjackets.” – Chronicle Magazine, Jun. 8

Orwell’s Final Warning – Picture of the Future


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The Orwellian Panopticon Majority Report is Born - Part 3

The Orwellian Panopticon Majority Report is Born – Part 3