For over eight days and counting, the streets of Paris, France burned as thousands aggressively squared off against law enforcement. Supposedly, the catalyst for the Paris protests is rising fuel taxes. In addition, French President Emmanuel Macron and his economic policies have angered citizens throughout the European powerhouse.

According to mainstream reports, approximately 8,000 protesters clashed with thousands of police officers. However, it’s the photographs and videos that tell the true tale. Fire from large plywood sheets and garbage bins littered the Parisian air with clouds of smoke. In turn, law enforcement officials responded with tear gas and water cannons.

The Paris protests have turned the famous City of Lights into a veritable war zone. Those involved in the violent demonstrations have cited fuel-related taxes, but the real answer is much more complex and nuanced.

Exorbitant fuel costs, especially in Europe, are nothing new. But the key incentive for Macron’s taxation policy is the environment. France, as well as the rest of the European Union, love their climate-change initiatives.

But for everyday Europeans, these measures cost money. Even if you weren’t a Parisian transportation driver, the fuel costs impact everybody, from government workers to pensioners. In some format, direct or indirect, Macron wants the masses to pay for leaving a fraction of the carbon footprint that big business emits on a daily basis.

No wonder why the Paris protests have taken on such vitriol. But unless governments throughout the western world heed their warnings, further unrest is inevitable.


Paris Protests Represent More Than Just Money

The mainstream media is doing everything it can to avoid an increasingly unavoidable topic: individual Europeans are finally standing up to globalism and imposed Third World immigration.

The active members of the Paris protests may not consciously adopt this belief. After all, nothing hits harder than a hit to the wallet. But what exactly caused that hit? Globalist bureaucratic policies based on inconclusive science. It’s the same actors that have flooded western Europe with so-called refugees.

Today, France is a microcosm of Europe. What once was a historically significant and culturally relevant country has become lost to invading hoards. Worse, the ruling elite have indoctrinated Europeans with political correctness as a sacrosanct ideology. People are afraid to fight for their country in fear of being labeled “racist.”

The Paris protests confirm that this fear is losing its vice-grip on the French citizenry. I for one say it’s about time. It’s incredibly selfish, but I’d like to visit Paris one day. For now, I can’t because the city is a sh-thole.

Whether they realize it or not, those joining the Paris protests are merely feeding inevitability. When you impose a foreign element onto a sovereign nation, the end result is always conflict. The elite were hoping that their imposed subjugation was complete.

It turns out, there’s a lot more work to be done.