The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 6

Since penning the most recent addition to this series nearly five months ago, NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia has experienced many political setbacks, great losses and advances along the “meat grinder frontline,” blunders in diplomacy that are replete with failed sanctions, and heightened rhetoric from all players in this high-risk game of geopolitical chess. The most disturbing aspects are the intensification of threats from both sides that invoke the potential use of low-yield tactical or high-yield ballistic nuclear weapons and how economic sanctions have created energy shortages, skyrocketing inflation, more disruption in global supply chains, food insecurity, a liquidity crisis, and recessionary conditions that will be most severe across Europe during this winter’s Dar Age.

If you’re new to this “Little Green Men” series and wonder how we got here, my overview since April 2021 includes Part 1 (Twitter thread), 2 (thread), 3 (thread), 4 (thread), 5 (thread), and “Human Shields of Hypocrisy in the Ukraine War.” Here’s a brief excerpt from Part 5 and a recent legacy media missive:

“I was born into the baby boomer‘ generation when ‘Duck and Cover‘ drills were a regular occurrence in school. After living through the Cold War with Russia, I can say with confidence that the world is closer to witnessing the use of some type of nuclear weapon due to war in the Ukraine than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The U.S. no longer has an active Civil Defense strategy for the general public that publicized fallout shelters for temporary comfort and gave us a false sense of security… People who slander any discussion about the current threat or ridicule basic prepping that was common well before nukes or tornado shelters, should consider this article as an exercise in common sense and not fear mongering… ‘We’re All Preppers Now.’ The supply chain crisis is set to worsen in the near-term, and inflation and food insecurity are not fake news. If you’re the fatalistic type and see no point in basic preparedness, then c’est la vie.” – TraderStef, April, 2022


Letter: Russia is a black comedy — but with nuclear weapons… “We are perhaps about to skate closer to the thermonuclear threshold than at any time since 1962 and the Cuban missile crisis. If Vladimir Putin was a keystone in Russia’s mafia-constructed bridge, and if his role in the 2000s was to introduce structure and rules into that mafia, then last week’s assassination of Darya Dugina, daughter of the prominent Russian ideologue and Putin supporter Alexander Dugin, shows the cement under the keystone is eroding (Opinion, Aug. 23).” – Financial Times, Aug. 25

This past weekend, ultimatums were put into print that will not bring anyone to the negotiating table but rather fast-track the world to idiocy with ghosts from the Book of Revelations. Unfortunately, that’s where we’re at. Sugarcoating the situation is futile. Words from Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Russian ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin,  and former president Dmitry Medvedev appeared in response to shelling at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), Ukraine’s grain delivery scam, Ukraine’s military chief espousing “limited” nuclear war, the German government’s decision to start deliveries of its own lethal weapons to Ukraine, the White House’s condemnation of Russia’s airstrikes on key infrastructure facilities, and NATO and Zelensky’s “security guarantees” blueprint for peace negotiations.

IAEA Report on ZNPP Mentions Mysterious Shelling 52 Times, Doesn’t Name Culprits… “The United Nations nuclear energy watchdog sent a high-level delegation of experts to the massive nuclear power plant last week. Moscow accused Kiev of trying to sabotage the mission via a botched offensive, and of engaging in ‘nuclear terrorism’ by repeatedly attacking and shelling the facility with mortars, drones, and artillery.” – Sputnik, Sep. 6


Russian Security Council slams repeated shelling of ZNPP ‘nuclear terrorism’… “As the official noted, ‘this is clearly demonstrated by Ukrainian Nazi formations that actively use terrorist methods. For example, by carrying out massive shelling with Western artillery and missile systems of civilian infrastructure facilities and places of concentration of civilians in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as in other liberated territories,’ Kokov pointed out.” – TASS, Sep. 6


Putin says Ukraine grain going to Europe instead of poor countries… “Speaking at an economic forum in Vladivostok on Wednesday, Putin accused the West of colonialism and suggested that Russia may talk with Turkey about revising the deal that lifted Russia’s blockade on Ukrainian ports and allowed ships safe passage… The Russian president said of 87 ships loaded with grain from Ukraine, just two carried grains for the U.N. World Food Program — 60,000 tons out of the total of about 2 million tons. Only one ship from Ukraine has arrived in sub-Saharan Africa … ‘Ukraine continues to save the world with its grain,’ Zelenskyy asserted.” – MarketWatch, Sep. 7


Ukraine’s military chief says ‘limited’ nuclear war with Russia can’t be ruled out, warning it could raise the prospect of World War 3… “Gen. Valeri Zaluzhnyi, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Lt. Gen. Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, who serves as the first deputy chair of the Ukrainian parliament’s national security, defense and intelligence committee, shared their thoughts in an op-ed published by the country’s state news agency Ukrinform.” – Insider, Sep. 10


Ukraine Wants NATO-esque Bloc to Immediately Defend Border With Russia… “A working group set up by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the immediate creation of a new coalition of key partners—including the U.S. and several other NATO allies—to provide legally-binding security guarantees for Kyiv as it tries to eject Russian forces from its occupied territories. The Kyiv Security Compact (KSC)—proposed by Andriy Yermak, the head of Zelensky’s office, and former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen—would also establish a ‘multi-decade’ plan of investment, military training, and intelligence sharing to bolster Ukraine’s defensive capabilities as the country pursues full NATO membership.” NewsWeek, Sep. 13

Lavrov’s response to Kyiv’s refusal to negotiate peace until Russia is removed from Ukraine:

Russia does not reject negotiations with Ukraine, but their further delay by Kiev will complicate the possibility of reaching an agreement… “According to Lavrov, the Kiev authorities say that negotiations can take place only after Ukraine’s victory. And then, when ‘Russia leaves the Ukrainian lands’, they would be ready to talk, imposing their conditions on us. They are actively supported in this, even indulged in London, Washington, Brussels. If this is their choice, then we know how we can achieve goals set by Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of a special military operation (SPO), he said.” – TASS, Sep. 11

Nechaev’s response to Germany providing lethal weaponry to Ukraine:

Russian Ambassador to Germany: Berlin crossed the ‘red line’… “According to Nechaev, in its supply of arms to Ukraine, Berlin is on the lead of the ‘Anglo-Saxon allies in NATO,’ which only contributes to prolonging the conflict… Deliveries of German-made weapons to Kyiv is a red line that the German government should not have crossed. These weapons are used not only against the Russian military, but also against civilians in Donbass, Nechaev noted. The weapons supplied by Berlin to Kyiv include self-propelled howitzers, reconnaissance drones, armored personnel carriers, MARS MLRS, and Leopard tanks… When German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock was asked about this, she evaded answering.” – Top War, Sep. 12

Volodin’s response to Biden’s condemnation of airstrikes on Ukrainian infrastructure:

Russian Duma slams US for seeking to drag on conflict `down to last Ukrainian’… “Vyacheslav Volodin stressed that the US would be ‘woefully’ mistaken if it believes ‘fighting down to the last Ukrainian’ won’t affect Washington as it excessively pumps Kiev with weapons… He suggested Washington ask itself first if it has done anything beneficial ‘to stop the shelling of the peaceful residents of Donbass, where people have been living in fear and without water or electricity for more than eight years already.’ He added that Washington ‘has continued beefing up the Nazi Kyiv regime with weapons while inciting it to commit more crimes.’” – Al Mayadeen, Sep. 13


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Medvedev’s response to NATO and Zelensky’s demands:

Medvedev issues apocalyptic warning to West over Ukraine…  “Western ‘half-wits’ from ‘stupid think tanks’ are leading their countries down the road of nuclear Armageddon with their hybrid war against Moscow… The ‘security guarantees’ proposal unveiled by Kiev on Tuesday was really a’ prologue to the Third World War and a hysterical appeal to Western countries engaged in a proxy war against Russia. If the West continues its unrestrained pumping of the Kiev regime with the most dangerous types of weapons, Russia’s military campaign will move to the next level, where visible boundaries and potential predictability of actions by the parties to the conflict will be erased and the conflict will take on a life of its own, as wars always do. And then the Western nations will not be able to sit in their clean homes, laughing at how they carefully weaken Russia by proxy. Everything will be on fire around them. Their people will harvest their grief in full. The land will be on fire and the concrete will melt…

‘From these three plagues, from fire, smoke and brimstone coming out of their mouths,

a third part of the people died (Rev 9:18).’

…Yet still the narrow-minded politicians and their stupid think tanks, thoughtfully twirling a glass of wine in their hands, talk about how they can deal with us without entering into a direct war. Dull idiots with a classical education.” – RT, Sep. 13

Two weeks ago, Medvedev stated when nuclear weapons would be utilized:

Ex-Russian president names condition for using nukes… “Moscow would only resort to nuclear weapons in four scenarios. ‘The launch of nuclear missiles, the use of nuclear weapons, attacks on critical infrastructure that controls nuclear weapons, or other actions that threaten the existence of the Russian state…  Over the past 20-30 years, the NATO states have used them quite actively both in Yugoslavia and Iraq. There is some uncertainty around this topic, with very tragic consequences. So, in this sense, we must first look at what Western countries have done in certain situations.’ According to Medvedev, one of the reasons for the attack was a statement by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who said at one point that Kiev does not rule out restoring its nuclear potential. ‘Apparently, he wanted to scare us, but in the end, he created an even heavier atmosphere, which ultimately forced the Russian Federation to launch an SPO,’ he said.” – RT, Aug. 27

As a side note, Russia has repeatedly warned in the past of other conditions that would warrant military strikes beyond Ukraine’s borders, and specified in early June that the West’s “decision-making centers” are on the menu of targets. Two red lines that stand out in my memory is NATO boots on the ground and/or direct logistical support of Ukrainian troops in striking Russian targets or territory that results in the death of Russian troops or citizens, and supplying Ukraine with longer-range missiles. I offer the following quotes:

“Current and former U.S. officials’ claim that CIA personnel have continued to work in secret within Ukraine’s borders Reports indicate that the United States isn’t the only one with intelligence operatives within Ukraine’s borders. British, French, Canadian, and Lithuanian commandos allegedly work to direct intelligence sharing throughout the country… A community that used to be known for being unknown now freely boasts its work and accomplishments.” – Political Insider, Jun. 27


“Throughout the war, the United States has provided Ukraine with information on command posts, ammunition depots and other key nodes in the Russian military lines. Such real-time intelligence has allowed the Ukrainians — who U.S. officials acknowledge have played the decisive role in planning and execution — to target Russian forces, kill senior generals and force ammunition supplies to be moved farther from the Russian front lines.” – NYT, Sep. 10


“Active support by the US and its NATO allies – as well as intelligence sharing between Washington, London, and Kiev – have been instrumental in helping the Ukrainian troops make ‘great gains’ during their counteroffensive in Kharkiv Region, Senator Mark Warner told CNN on Sunday.” – RT, Sep. 12


“The offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO in the Kharkiv region was planned by the US military command. About 200 units of heavy military vehicles and up to 9 thousand soldiers were involved in the offensive. Reportedly, every third soldier operating under the Ukrainian chevron was a citizen of a NATO member state. These forces were 4-5 times superior to the units of the DPR, LPR and Russia defending their positions in the region.” – South Front, Sep. 12


‘We do engage with the Ukrainians, you know, at a variety of levels. On the military side, as we’ve said previously, we do provide time-sensitive information” – U.S. Pentagon, Sep. 13

Kim Dotcom on Twitter Impressive. Ukrainian troops speak fluent English

Ukraine deployed troops for a counter-offensive into the Kharkiv region and Izyum from forces in Bakhmut, which is the linchpin of Ukrainian military defenses. It has become clear that Russia was pulling its soldiers out of the Kharkiv region in advance of Ukraine’s plans. Ukraine was allowed to march in without significant resistance, found a lot of hardware, and captured a few Russian soldiers. Smells like a strategic setup that’s Patton‘ish. The region is not an industrial hub, strategic, or critical for supply logistics vs. southeast Ukraine where the SMO focus and goal have been. If Bakhmut falls, which looks likely to be very soon, the entire Ukrainian defense line will be compromised by losing its heavily fortified headquarters in the east. If you’re not familiar with a map of Ukraine east of the Dnieper River that divides Ukraine from Belarus and Kyiv in the north to its exit in the Black Sea, I suggest you view it while listening to today’s closing commentary by Alexander Mercouris at TheDuran.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Map - Sep. 2022

Ukraine Counter Offensive Map in the North mid-Sep. 2022

A few updates before closing with intel from Alexander Mercouris:

  • Ukraine Carrying out Assassinations in MoscowArmstrong Economics, Sep. 15
  • Putin: We are sending 85,000 more soldiers to the frontUKR Report
  • Russia says longer-range U.S. missiles for Kyiv… “‘would cross red line and become a party to the conflict.’ In a briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added that Russia ‘reserves the right to defend its territory.’” – Reuters
  • Russia responding ‘with restraint’… “Russia’s main goal is ‘liberation’ of Donbas, but ‘operation’ will not stop there, says Russian president.” Anadolu Agency, Sep. 16
  • Bakhmut surrounded. Poking at Russia and hoping for escalation – TheDuran

Russia Advances in Bakhmut, Defends N. Donetsk; EU Split on Gas Crisis – TheDuran, Sep. 13


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The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 6

The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 6