On the darker end of the spectrum, America has always been associated with gun violence. Historically even, the nation would not have started without gun violence. But in the course of 24 hours, millions of my fellow citizens have witnessed something unprecedented: back-to-back mass shootings.

First, it happened on an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon in El Paso, Texas. A deranged, possibly racially/ethnically motivated gunman blasted away at innocent shoppers at a Walmart. Several hours later in early Sunday morning, a lone-wolf gunman in body armor shot up an entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio.

Both shooters are young, white men. According to federal authorities, they will regard the El Paso massacre as domestic terrorism. Investigators found a racist manifesto, and they are determining whether it was connected to the El Paso shooter.

Although we may not know the motive of the Dayton shooter – police killed him during a firefight – for some time, if at all, it’s not a stretch to speculate that racial animosity was involved. This was a man who was resolute in murdering as many people as he could before going down himself.

Amid this horrific gun violence, the leftists will probably respond with their typical “solution” – more stringent gun control. I’m going to ignore the obvious: gun control didn’t prevent these two incidents. Instead, I’m going to discuss one of the root causes of gun violence in America.


Gun Violence Requires Real Dialogue

Logically, something is driving these young (white) men to extreme measures. The firearm is merely a platform to express their murderous rage. It can’t be taken out of the equation altogether – a gun can kill faster and more people than a knife – but it’s not the cause of the violent motivations.

Quickly, I forward two examples. In Switzerland, per-capita gun ownership is incredibly high, but mass shootings are rare. In Japan, gun ownership is almost unheard of, and so too is firearms-related violence.

One country has a lot of guns, and another does not. Both citizenries refuse to shoot their own. Thus, the firearm itself isn’t the problem.

So, what is driving many young white Americans to murder? I genuinely believe that some people cannot handle racial or ethnic diversity. Tough economic conditions, especially in the Bible-belt regions, promote despair among white youth.

Historically, the government’s response has been to marginalize such people or to force diversity down their throats. However, we’re witnessing the violent and tragic pushback of these protocols.

What then is the solution here? We need to get serious about innate racial animosities that some, perhaps many people have. Rather than penalize them, the federal government should allow voluntary segregation.

Long story short, the U.S. should permit the existence of an Orania model. An Afrikaner-centric town in South Africa, Orania has its own vibrant economy and community. It’s a place where like-minded people – irrespective of race — can live and work together in harmony.

Does this sound extreme? Perhaps. But it’s possibly the only way that I and millions of normal families can do mundane things like shop without having to watch our backs.