This past week, President Trump Tweeted out that he believes there was widespread voter fraud and that up to 3 million illegal votes were cast in the general election. Sean Spicer, press secretary for Trump, reiterated the president’s belief during his daily press conference with the media.

Without any proof to back the president’s claim up, the media and the Democrats have fired back at his claim. Even Paul Ryan, the house majority leader, said that there was no proof of widespread voter fraud.

So what has fueled President Trump to make such a tremendous assertion? As always, the president is privy to more information than what is made available to the public. Perhaps he knows something the rest of us don’t.

There have also been reports that over 3 million non-citizens’ votes were cast in the last election. analyzed over 180 million voter registrations and concluded that over 3 million non-citizens had indeed cast ballots. If that holds true, one would expect that most of those voters voted for Hillary Clinton, who provided a stark contrast to President Trump’s hardline immigration stance. If that is the case, it would effectively erase Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead.

Only time will tell if President Trump’s belief in widespread voter fraud will hold true, however, there are legitimate concerns over illegal voting. Here, Obama says that illegals can vote without fear of consequence.


Another issue is states that have motor voter laws. This means that in a state like California, which gives IDs to illegal immigrants, if you obtain an ID, you are automatically enrolled to vote. With no way to verify citizenship at the polling places, the potential for massive voter fraud is clearly there.

Whether the claims made by the president are true or not, the motor voter laws and elected leaders openly encouraging the breakdown of our election process are legitimate issues that need to be addressed by the current administration to protect the sanctity of our democracy. Free and fair elections are what make this country great.