Thursday morning, Trump fired off a tweet escalating the tensions inside the Republican party. Trump tweeted the Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don’t get on the team and fast. We must fight them and the dems in 2018.

Trump who is known for his bluster and for making incendiary remarks is clearly still stinging from his loss last week. Unfortunately, for Republicans, this could not come at a worse time. Coming out of last week clearly a fractured party, they needed to present a unified front and show the country that they are capable of governing. However, with these type of distractions, especially coming from the President, it really hampers their ability to show any type of effective leadership or coherent message and it allows the Democrats and the media to magnify the instability in the party.

Why would Trump tweet about fighting his own party? Trump is not an ideological President. He sees only allies and enemies in his path to get his agenda accomplished. Anyone that is standing in Trump’s way must be removed. That’s the mindset that Trump carries. Trump can care less weather you are a Democrat or a Republican, if he gets what he wants your ideals aren’t his concern. That’s why he failed last week in passing the health care bill. He wanted a win, it didn’t matter that the bill was awful or that it didn’t fix Obamacare, all that mattered was that Trump was winning, “big league”. That is when he ran into the Freedom Caucus buzz saw, who refused to sign onto a bill that went against their conservative ideals and didn’t live up to the promises that they had made to the voters in their districts. Their refusal to bend to the will of the Trump administration must have infuriated Trump and his staff and put the Freedom Caucus on their enemies list, at least for a time.

Ironically, Trump is fighting with his most ardent supporters. The most conservative of the Republican party were the ones who stood by him during the Presidential campaign and their districts overwhelmingly voted for Trump. This block of the electorate can easily sour on him if they feel like his “anti-establishment” persona is becoming a little too “establishment”. On Trumps path to get big wins, he must remember that much of his support is conservative and the reason they voted for him was they felt their way of life was under constant assault from the left. He embraced them, became their champion and they loved him for it. Threatening primary opposition to the Freedom Caucus, the only real friends he has in Washington, is not in his best interest, and silly tweets like this only turn off many of his conservative supporters.