While the United States certainly draws its fair share of criticism, overall, most people have a positive view of our country. This sentiment is helped in large part by the fact that we own the biggest economy in the world. However, I wouldn’t be surprised that over the next few decades, the U.S. becomes a giant, third world country.

How can I make such a seemingly outrageous and ridiculous statement? After all, we’re the world’s lone superpower since the fall of the Soviet Union. We’re also assigned the unofficial role of protector of western ideals, such as freedom and democracy. On surface level, we’re the farthest away from a paradigm-shattering economic collapse that would make my statement even remotely true.

Yet every story has a beginning, a catalyst that sets in motion events towards the ultimate destination. In my view, America suffers from several factors that are pushing it towards the status of a third world country, and perhaps, a full-on societal meltdown.

According to ChristianPost.com contributor Susan Stamper Brown, one of the biggest factors contributing to this country’s societal meltdown, and perhaps, a future economic collapse, is overdependence on government initiatives. She writes:

America’s moral decline began with Presidents Woodrow Wilson and President Franklin D. Roosevelt [FDR] and their arrogant defiance and blatant hostility toward the U.S. Constitution which inspired them to lead an insurrection from the Oval Office, effectively convincing good people that government dependence is a morally acceptable alternative to dependence on God, family, community and self.

Admittedly, I found this argument rather surprising. Typically, when analysts forecast the U.S. becoming a third world country, they cite circumstances that we presently feel; for instance, a weak dollar directly causing inflationary pressures on gas prices and other standard of living metrics. But FDR? That seems like an ambitious perspective, given that his administration occurred almost a century ago.

But from another angle, Brown is absolutely spot-on. If you consider which nations generally fall under third world country status, you’ll find overwhelmingly socialist government bodies which impart dependency upon their constituents.

Indeed, we can reference the aforementioned Soviet Union as a perfect example of a third-world mentality. The empire was a socialist one, and while it last for several decades, it eventually suffered an ignominious economic collapse. Currently, Russian President Vladimir Putin is attempting to revive this union, but history has proven that all socialist, totalitarian institutions fail.

Which brings me to the U.S. Thankfully, we’re still far away from being a third world country. But if leftist policies and “big brother” mandates aren’t kept in check, an outrageous fantasy could soon become reality.