While rummaging through headline news items over the Labor Day weekend, it was tough to choose a financial topic to focus on for today’s article. Low and behold, this morning, a whistleblower interview was released that iced the cake.

Writing about domestic politics nowadays can be a thorny adventure, and I try to avoid it, although this one deserves the attention no matter what your political leaning may be. When the intelligence community (IC) and its ruling administration are implicated with incontrovertible evidence of malicious intent while interfering in a domestic presidential election, one must seriously take a step back, absorb it with eyes wide open, and then consider the consequential headlines that may ensue and rock the markets. The fall is a historically sticky time for the stock market, and this year shall be no different for a plethora of reasons. Let us walk down this path and see where it goes.

On May 20, 2018, the POTUS demanded that the DOJ look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump 2016 election campaign for political purposes, aka RussiaGate.

Over the following months, rhetoric from the Oval Office amplified as more incriminating evidence came to the forefront. Hillary’s illegal escapades, along with other questionable activities by the IC and the Special Council Mueller investigation, increasingly appeared overlooked by the wheels of justice and got deep under the POTUS’ skin for good reasons, and he did make the campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp.”

Then we had this…

James Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing… “Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper admitted in a CNN interview Saturday that former President Obama instigated the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and those in his orbit.” – ZeroHedge, Jul. 23, 2018

Obama and Hillary Colluded With Russiansemissourian, Aug. 1

The list goes on to include a whole host of players, and the POTUS now threatens to take matters to a whole new level if something is not done, and soon. During a rally in Illinois a few days ago, he had this to say:

The POTUS then comments on Jeff Sessions’ fate as tension intensifies.

The two whistleblowers in the following interview released this morning discuss their knowledge of the NSA Echelon Surveillance Program, Operation Cassandra, along with multiple IC spies embedded into the Trump 2016 election campaign, all tied to Obama. The IC weaponized meme is about to launch, and more IC folks are about to come forward.

YourVoice “Deep State Exposed! “… Show Host Ann Vandersteel takes a deep dive with two top IC insider whistleblowers on the real RussiaGate collusion scandal.  – Bill Mitchell, Sep. 3

What would the effect on the financial markets be if the RussiaGate game implodes, the POTUS is cleared of all suspicion, and a large number of folks from the previous administration are indicted? The market may experience a knee-jerk rally and remain in the Goldilocks zone with a belief that the economy is booming. On the other hand, the turmoil that would ensue under a constitutional crisis may implode the markets first due to the lack of confidence in the political system, and when the smoke clears and investors feel secure that process is coming to an end in the favor of the current administration, a rally would ensue. Be prepared for either outcome.

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Weaponized Politics Revelation Threatens Financial Market Stability

Weaponized Politics Revelation Threatens Financial Market Stability