One of the reasons why Democrats appeal to young voters is their never-ending supply of promises. From healthcare to welfare to just straight up money, Democrats love catering to our emotions. And being young and impressionable, those who have just turned voting age often feel empowered by their message.

However, as people get older, they typically ask the same question: who’s going to pay for all this junk?

It’s not an empty line of inquiry either. For instance, Senator Elizabeth Warren, along with many of her fellow Democratic presidential candidates, openly endorse free healthcare. But Warren’s plan involves deficit spending into the trillions. Some estimates peg the deficit to increase to the tune of $15 trillion over a decade.

Currently, the U.S. national debt stands at slightly over $23 trillion. So, I’m not entirely sure where the money to support such initiatives would come from. Unfortunately, impressionable voters don’t care about these little details. To them, they want their free stuff and they want it now.

And this brings up a perplexing point: the Democrats have had three years to forward a legitimate presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump. Instead, they’re offering a bunch of bumbling idiots, each trying to outdo the other with nonsensical pledges.

However, a new poll has got me thinking that the Democrats have lost all semblance of reality.


Democrats Losing Before They Enter the Race

According to the latest poll in Iowa, candidate Pete Buttigieg, whom Yahoo! News describes as an openly gay mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, leads among his liberal compatriots. That suggests that Buttigieg is one of the few folks with a viable shot at winning the Democratic nomination.

If that were to be the case, it would hand President Trump his second term early.

To this day, I remain perplexed that the leftist elites allowed Buttigieg to run. Serving only as a distraction and a possible third-party spoiler, he has zero chance of winning the presidency. It doesn’t matter if he runs as a Democrat, a Republican or somewhere in between.

America already has issues with women in power. They sure as hell will not elect a gay president.

And this is really emblematic of the power players on the left. While liberal strongholds support LGBTQ agendas, that stuff stops in America’s heartland. I am telling you straight up: at least half of America, if not more, will never allow a gay president and his “first man” to waltz into the White House.

Thus, Buttigieg is a detriment to the Democrats. Yet here he is, leading in the Iowa polls. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.