Over the past few years, I’ve tuned out from listening to alternative news media. At first, outlets like Infowars presented a refreshing take on geopolitical and domestic events. But as the latest drama involving the China trade war demonstrates, the media – whether mainstream or not – is primarily about business.

The bottom line narrative that we hear from these truther resources is that we Americans are the bad guys. The good guys are the Russians and the Chinese, and any God-forsaken country that doesn’t use the hegemonic dollar. Under this insane framework, North Korea qualifies as a proper country.

Such thinking begs the question: who the hell wants to live in Russia or China, let alone North Korea? Every flippin’ time I tune into YouTube, I hear some nameless, faceless pontificator ramble on about the Chinese love affair with gold and silver. If they like them so much, why don’t they move to their destination of choice?

The answer is simple: most alternative-media commentators are hucksters hawking fear porn for dollars. Like those who supposedly believe in the flat earth theory, they push a concocted narrative to drive advertisement-based revenue.

Our ongoing (and likely escalating) trade war with China serves as a prime example.


The Trade War and Our Communist Enemies

A common adage proclaims that there’s two sides to every story. The current trade war is no different: we’re right and they’re wrong.

I know this runs counter to every YouTube pontificator pontificating their BS onto the blogosphere. They’ll say that we’re responsible for causing strife with the Chinese and that we should back down. Otherwise, the Chinese will collapse our economy.

Ha! They wish they could. While a retaliatory Chinese response will most definitely hurt us, we can cripple them. A war of attrition will not benefit them in the least. The only real weapon China has is our flawed perception of ourselves.

Let me put it another way: the Communist Chinese are scheming con-artists. Everyone is talking about the Huawei controversy and how it will escalate the trade war. Not many are emphasizing that the CFO in question likely engineered fraudulent deals to sidestep our Iranian sanctions.

We are a nation of laws. Are we supposed to let criminals off the hook because they’re Chinese? Well, according to them, the answer is yes. To further emphasize their point, their government arrested a former Canadian diplomat for reasons. This, folks, is the response from our supposedly loving Chinese economic partners.

If I called the shots, I’d push for the damn trade war. Sometimes, the best way to correct a bully is to sock him in the teeth.