Turn on the news and you’ll find no shortage of high-stakes drama. Indeed, you’d be forgiven for thinking that reality transitioned into a doom and gloom YouTube channel. But one of the items has aroused controversy like no other due to the human element: the tragic and still escalating immigration crisis.

Despite multiple efforts to control the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration has apparently failed to get the message across: the U.S., at least the version of the nation that’s under Trump’s executive authority, will not accept illegal migration. Yet they pour into our territory, forcing the Border Patrol into action.

Undoubtedly, this immigration crisis is a humanitarian one. Seemingly almost on a daily basis, the mainstream news floods us with harrowing, even infuriating stories: how women go without water and are told to drink from the toilet. Other reports describe how Border Patrol agents callously watch as migrants, ranging from the old to the very young, die from overexposure.

Clearly, this is an unnecessary disaster.

But like any calamity, the immigration crisis offered unscrupulous politicians an opportunity to forward their agenda. Instead of offering sympathy for a brutally thankless job, Democrats and progressives blame our nation’s security apparatus and enforcement officers.

If only they would stop mistreating the migrants and instead, treat them like human beings, we wouldn’t have this crisis. What they fail to understand, though, is that the guardians of our borders didn’t ask for this.

If migrants come, they do so at great risk to themselves and any accompanying family members.


The Narrative for the Immigration Crisis Must Change

Personally, I’m in the camp that we must demand change regarding the immigration crisis. However, I have a completely different target: the migrants themselves.

Going after the Border Patrol and other state and federal officers is borderline treasonous. They swore to defend our nation. And make no mistake about it: we’re under attack. Just because the invaders in this case don’t have weapons doesn’t mean they’re not armed.

In fact, I’d argue that they do have weapons: their numbers and their shared “La Raza” ideology which combined represents an attack on our political, societal, and economic infrastructures.

Believe me, saying that you are pro-illegal migration may put you into the popular camp. But when some low-IQ ingrate takes your job or your promotion because they’re the “right color,” you’ll think differently.

I’m unapologetic about my support for Americans. I’m absolutely sick and tired of hearing about how we can afford migrants. Does anyone in this country have a brain anymore? Look at the national debt. Consider our healthcare crisis. We can’t afford ourselves!

Why then should we budge an inch on the immigration crisis?