You Only Live Once in The Great Resignation

During the months of April, May, and June 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that 11.5 million workers jumped on the herald wave of the “you can take this job and shove it” trend. Many presstitutes and apparatchiks assumed that a YOLO mentality was solely driving a continual wave of job resignations in the pandemic era. I suspect they also thought that unemployed professionals and underemployed beatniks were secretly rooting for a guaranteed income Ponzi scheme via The Squad’s socialist utopia with a global Great Reset that’s being shoved down your technocracy throat.

I’m old enough to recall when 9/11 and the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) triggered global economic turmoil and waves of white-collar career resignations followed the humiliation of layoffs as they were done with commuting to a 9-to-5 cubicle that was shrinking every year. The plebeians were subjected to the horrifying replays of friends or family jumping out of cubicle windows on 9/11, and then the employers threw the survivors and patriots out of windows during the GFC. That phenomenon was not covered on the idiot box or the printing press. Yes, it truly is different this time, and it’s not about a coal mining town in Appalachia.

The ‘Take This Job And Shove It’ Recession… “What the chattering class of apologists, toadies, lackeys, factotums and apparatchiks missed about the pandemic lockdown was the tidal change in perceptions of work and life enabled by a withdrawal from the deranging frenzy of work: once people had time to reflect on their lives, mortality, goals, identity and the soaring costs and dwindling rewards of their efforts to ‘get ahead’ via slaving away in a dead-end job / career, the tune that began to haunt their subconscious ruminations was Johnny Paycheck.” – Of Two Minds, May, 2021


Forget Going Back to the Office – People Are Just Quitting Instead… “As the pandemic clouds lift, the percentage of Americans leaving employers for new opportunities is at its highest level in two decades… The wave of resignations marks a sharp turn from the darkest days of the pandemic, when workers craved job security while weathering a national health and economic crisis.” – WSJ, Jun. 13


“High quit rates indicate worker confidence in the ability to get higher paying jobs, which typically coincides with high economic stability, an abundance of people working, and low unemployment rates. Conversely, during periods of high unemployment and layoffs, resignation rates tend to decrease as hire rates also decrease… As the pandemic continued, workers have paradoxically quit their jobs in large numbers despite continued labor shortages and high unemployment.” – Wikipedia

The new Big Quit is different because the underlying variables and fallout are nothing like post-9/11 or the GFC experience. Red-pilled pandemic normies and closet libertarians are suffering from societal burnout and choosing to shift their home location to freer exurbs and rural America, flipping off the blue state mobs to take their megalopolises and shove it. The Bolsheviks are committed to burning down the U.S., indoctrinating children at public schools, embracing no-go zones and a crime wave, keeping the face diapers intact, and mandating inoculation passports to travel, buy, or sell anything, anywhere, and at any time.

If you’re not vaccinated, you’re unclean. You’re like a leper” – Sen. Rand Paul

Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them” – George Orwell

‘The Great Resignation’ Misses the Point… “People are leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers. They are changing employers, ‘downshifting’ on the career ladder, or taking time away from the workforce altogether. With new clarity and savings from the Covid era, some workers have stepped back from precarious frontline jobs made brutally hard in the pandemic. Others report forgoing opportunities for money or status in exchange for greater flexibility and self-determination… In many ways, this is really a mental health conversation… Though burnout is now more widely recognized.” – Wired, Nov. 1


100,450,000: More Than 100 Million Not in Labor Force for 14th Straight Month; No Job, Not LookingCNS, Nov. 5

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Let’s not forget the enormous amount of people who are vaccine injured by the gene-modification inoculation. I’ll cover that in an upcoming article related to the insurance industry, but here is one story to consider out of tens of thousands to choose from.

Jab-Injured Pilot Speaks Out: Shot Tearing Lives Apart


August’s job resignation numbers totaled 4.3 million, September had 4.4 million, October had 4.2 million, and November’s had 3.6 million (UPDATED to a record 4.5 million). As a side note, consumer confidence has hit a 10-year low and consumer price inflation climbed to 6.8% YTD, the highest since 1982. Meanwhile, the mainstream media fawns over the Biden administration for taking ownership of a fake job market recovery. Some folks are just refilling the jobs that were lost during the pandemic, and elites on Capitol Hill know this but continue to insult the awakened collective intelligence at breathtaking speeds.

Jolts Number of Job Openings as of Dec. 2021…Jolts Number of Job Openings as of Dec. 2021


U6 Unemployment Rate as of Nov. 2021…

U6 Umemployment Rate as of Nov. 2021


Despite the obvious pandemic dynamic and its socio-economic consequences, my suspicion is that technology and/or the desire for less of it is responsible for the sudden diaspora from traditional 9-to-5s in metropoles as the unwoke set up job shops via cable and are prepping their new semi-secluded homestead. Dare I say that everybody is a prepper now wherever they reside, but those with the brains and means are building a personal Alamo and reimagining income and needs vs. big brother tyranny and wants.

They Prepared for the Worst. Now Everyone’s a Prepper… “Preppers say that the panic buying around the country that has drawn headlines in recent days — toilet paper shortages, hordes of shoppers at Costcos and elsewhere — has very little in common with what they do… Another prepper expressed disbelief about non-preppers: ‘How has it not dawned on them yet that we need to spend the good times preparing for the bad times? I’m starting to understand how Noah felt while he was building the ark.’” – NYT, Mar. 2020

 Where are the least recognized freedom-loving hotspots vs. what the Teletubbies say? The Cato Institute recently updated its survey of overall personal and economic freedoms in the U.S. Here are the top and bottom five:

Top and Bottom Five Freest US States

Compare the stats above with how many folks moved where and from in 2021…

USA Moving Statistics by State

Americans Fled ‘Woke’ States in ‘Historic’ Numbers in 2021… “The communist Chinese-inflicted COVID virus and reactions by American Democrat politicians created devastating changes in the U.S. population in 2021, according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. Americans fled Leftist, freedom-sucking, gulag-like cities and states where Democrat dictators toyed with their constituents.” – PJ Media, Dec. 21


FOMO Housing Market: October Home Prices “Slow” To +19.08% YoY As Mortgage Rates Rise… “There is a lot going on in the US housing market. Excessive monetary stimulus keeping mortgage rates low, historically low inventory available for sale, and fear of missing out on rapidly rising home prices. The Case-Shiller repeat sales index for October is out.” – Confounded Interest, Dec. 28

Case Shiller Housing Index October 2021


The bubblicious housing market reflects the diaspora from megalopolises and the high debt/cheap credit enablers. The brainiac prepper class paid with all cash for their new digs and are on FIRE.

Case Shiller 20 Housing Market Snapshot as of Oct. 2021


While the cost of everything goes higher, Johnny Paycheck’s wages are not keeping pace.

Share of GDP Income vs Wages - FRED


U.S. Real Average Hourly Wages 2007 to Dec. 2021…

U.S. Real Average Hourly Wages 2007 to Dec. 2021


Get packing to the freest state of your choice, but I’m biased in New Hampshire where we “Live Free or Die.” It’s not too late to move on and manifest your own personal Alamo.

Johnny Paycheck at The Boar’s Nest – The Dukes Of Hazzard (1981)


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You Only Live Once in The Great Resignation

You Only Live Once in The Great Resignation