The revolution has begun: farms are being planted, brands are being built, and retailers are generating revenue at an unprecedented rate. I’m not talking about the energy or tech industries – no, I’m referring to legalized cannabis, the most dominant growth industry I’ve ever seen in all my years of market research.

Grand View Research estimates that the legalized cannabis industry will increase to $146 billion by the year 2025. These billions of dollars aren’t all concentrated in the cultivation of the plant, though that is a vital part of the supply chain. But the chain would be broken without the other links: the processing, branding, marketing, packaging, distribution to the retail locations, and finally selling the product to the consumers.

The vast majority of retail traders miss out on the lion’s share of the gains because they jump on a trend after everybody else, and so they’re fighting over the scraps while the few smart investors are focusing on growth areas of the future. For the cannabis market, the high-growth market of the future is vertical integration: providing solutions from seed to sale, and everything in between.

That’s where the biggest profits will be made, and that’s the business model of Vancouver-based C21 Investments Inc. (CSE:CXXI). C21 is a collection of pioneers focused on forming compelling brands to unlock the social and financial power of cannabis.

These subsidiary brands make up a broad range of companies that excel in various respects in the legalized cannabis community: cultivation, yes, but also the processing, the marketing, the packaging and distribution as well as the point of sale – and the sales have been robust, with Nevada superstore Silver State Relief generating roughly $25 million top-line revenues per annum and growing.

And so, unlike the vast majority of companies in the cannabis space (which all start to look the same after a while), C21 Investments Inc. is an ecosystem of leading brands in strategic markets. This company is a true standout whose competitive moat is established and secured through successful brands in key U.S. states like Nevada and Oregon as well as internationally.

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    Brands like Silver State Relief, Eco Firma Farms, and Phantom Farms are part of the C21 family: carefully hand-selected by CEO Robert Cheney to grow with the burgeoning American legalized cannabis market. Mr. Cheney is a legend in the business and is known as a brand builder par excellence, and CXXI stockholders have profited richly from C21’s suite of best-in-class cannabis acquisitions.

    Given the company’s ingenious vertical integration model and their first-mover status in cannabis-friendly regions, it’s more than fair to say that C21 will continue to be a pioneer in legalized cannabis – and that they’ll continue to benefit the customers, the shareholders, and the community.

    From seed to sale, no segment of the cannabis supply chain is left untouched: unlike nearly every marijuana company on the market, C21 and its stockholders benefit from revenue generation at every touch point of the cannabis ecosystem. That’s what I call a powerful business model: something that fits perfectly into a simple yet highly effective plan for any long-term cannabis company investor.

    The Canadian exchange ticker is CXXI, but the company is pursuing a U.S. OTC symbol as well, thereby opening the company up to a gigantic pool of American stock market investors. This should prove to be a major catalyst for C21 and for CXXI shares, so I personally wouldn’t recommend waiting – it’s better to get in before C21 gets listed and a potential buying frenzy commences.

    And to be completely honest, CXXI doesn’t even need a catalyst to see big gains: it’s just a matter of the share price catching up to the true value of the company and its holdings. C21 has plans for both U.S. and international expansion, and with legalization coming to new states and countries each and every year, it’s easy to envision the stock price going much, much higher from here.

    That’s the magic of having a simple investing plan: no need to tinker with it when you’re dealing with the best companies in the business. And there’s no better business to be in right now than legalized cannabis – with C21 in your portfolio, you’ve got an investing plan that’s simply unbeatable.

    Prosperous Regards,
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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