A.I. is About to Rock Your World – Fortify Your Financial Moat Like This!

Dear Reader,

Just as natural as a tornado that terrorizes some town in the Midwest of the United States of America, shifts in the free market could be just as destructive and natural.

Technology is outpacing the speed of Moore’s Law. Computer chip transistors are getting faster, smaller, and down to the atomic level, reaching physical limitations to improvements, and just when we thought computers cannot get any faster, quantum computing comes online, which transcends these physical boundaries and opens up endless opportunities.

Computers are communicating with one another via the Internet, and the fact that a machine will be able to learn and update in real-time… you have to start asking yourself the question: will humans really be able to compete?

Here at CrushTheStreet.com, we are fully convinced that 50% of jobs in America will be at risk of being replaced by A.I.

From sales and analysts to varying types of assistant work, drivers, the medical field, jobs in the military, teaching, and more, A.I. will take over.

We know driverless cars are on the horizon, and considering the occupation of the driver is the number one job in America, a major disruption is upon us. What does someone do when they get displaced after working 30 years in one career?

A.I. is Getting Very Smart and Cognitive

Machine learning is machine earning, and having a platform where machines can learn from a blank slate and memorize patterns and algorithms with overarching goals of being efficient and “helpful” will have long-term implications.

We don’t know what we don’t know, and even the most highly-skilled and in-the-know individuals are unsure about the long-term implications of A.I. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Elon Musk claimed humanity has only a 5 to 10% chance of surviving A.I.

We are in an age where A.I. will not just be acting in menial capacities, but rather in high-level and otherwise 6-figure salaries.

What is unknown is how A.I. will be able to balance actions based on efficiency and morality. Consider that the U.S. Army is developing unmanned drones that will decide on its own who is supposed to be killed. If you fully get your mind around the implications of this, it truly is mind-blowing.

I say all of this to say that the greatest disruption of our time is upon us. Trying to make money by keeping up with the trends will be harder now than any other time in history if you are ONLY trying to chase a paycheck.

Trying to wrap our minds around what will be relevant in 10-20 years is almost futile, which is why when it comes to savings and wealth accumulation, it’s good to get back to some basics that satisfy human basic essential needs, which include food, shelter, and water.

And for those of you who might be overwhelmed with the changing trends, you aren’t alone, which is why I’m suggesting an income-producing strategy that takes everything back to the basics: shelter.

Buy real estate. If you can purchase income through the form of real estate, this services one of humans’ most basic needs, and it’s a finite commodity. Are you worried about inflation or the government evaporating your savings, along with how A.I. is going to change the opportunities in the market to make money? Purchase some property and solidify income so that you can forever guarantee some sort of paycheck, regardless of what happens with A.I.

Many people get frustrated with me, saying they don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate, and I completely understand. And something I would recommend would be to partner with someone else who can come in with you and who has similar goals and can combine funds to purchase what you want.

And if you still find yourself hitting a roadblock, there is always PeerStreet.com… This is a crowd-funding site that lends money to people who are either purchasing a home or refinancing one. It’s one of the most reputable ways I know of in extremely passive form to make 7-9% on your money annually with very low thresholds.

There is no excuse.

In a world of A.I., blockchain tech, and developing trends, sometimes it’s important to hone in on the basics that will never change for people, and the more financially secure you become, the less everything else matters, and you can simply do what you want.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor, CrushTheStreet.com