Have you brought up the prospect of bitcoin utilization to your employer? If you haven’t, why not? Be that innovative employee looking towards the future and a continuous drive towards ongoing operational efficiency and improvement. Why would your employer be interested in bitcoin?

  1. The Blockchain
    a. Think of what the distributed ledger could do for your business. A record of every transaction immediately accessible without the need of a central data repository (i.e. no losing sleep over hacking).
  2. Instant Transactions
    a. Pay your vendors immediately and operate with clean back office accounting from day 1. Also, send money worldwide almost instantly for efficient payments and happy vendors.
  3. Keep your money somewhere else besides a bank
    a. If there is a bank run, how will you get the money needed to sustain your business?\
  4. Be the Future
    a. Digital currencies are here to stay and you want to be the company that was at the forefront of adoption for your industry.

What’s the worst that could happen? A smart boss and employer will recognize the value of an employee thinking about the business from a higher level especially when it comes to currency and financials. If you can drive efficiencies, especially when it comes to money, that will make you that much more valuable, and indisposable, to the person cutting your paychecks.